New bill to force Washington tax payers to fund abortion

The bill, however, does not foresee any exemptions for religious institutions that may object to providing such services

The Washington state senate has put forth a bill that would allocate medicaid funds to health insurance companies for abortions, contraception, and sterilization procedures. The object is to provide complete “reproductive care” options, including those which are aimed at non reproductive procedures, such that funds allocated for pregnancy and child birth activities will be viewed as on the level with activities that are aimed at avoiding it.

The bill, however, does not foresee any exemptions for religious institutions that may object to providing such services. Bill Donahue, at the Eurasia Review, observes:

The state senate in Washington has passed a bill forcing health insurance companies that pay for maternity care to pay for abortion as well. There is no “opt-out” clause for religious institutions. The bill would allow the state to tap Medicaid funds to pay for abortions; contraception and sterilization are also covered. Governor Jay Inslee is expected to sign it.

The name of the bill speaks volumes: The “Reproductive Parity Act.” Translated, this means that the proponents of the bill believe it is unfair to allow taxpayers to pay for a mother to give birth to her baby while denying funds to a mother who elects to have her baby killed. Live or die—that is their sick idea of parity.

Conscience rights obviously have little standing in Washington, though if the draft were suddenly reintroduced, it is a sure bet that such rights would quickly be discovered. The bill will certainly be challenged in the courts and is not likely to pass muster, not, at least, at the highest level.

Washington state seems intent on viewing reproduction as fundamentally the same thing as obstructing or destroying the creation of a new human life. It is a policy that further adds to the dying flame that is fertility in the West, as it sees fertility either as something unimportant, or else a negative contribution to a perceived overpopulation crisis. The policy further underscores the reality that the family is not considered an important and fundamental aspect of healthy human civilization.

The manner in which religious rights are to be overlooked at best and utterly trod underfoot at worst acts as another way in which the godless West penalizes religious values in favor of utter secular agnosticism.

With freedom of religion being a right that supposed to be enshrined in very fabric of American society, and since now corporations are now able to be considered as having similar treatment as natural persons, the right to not have one’s religious values violated by the law is supposed to be one of the highest values of the land. However, if a religious based medical organization can be forced to violate its faith, then what does this say about the so called freedoms that are promised by its very Constitution?

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