WADA informer Rodchenkov ‘attempted suicide’ in Washington – source

Hopefully this isn’t the start of another “Skripal” situation

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Reports have come in that WADA informer Rodchenkov, who fled Russia after allegedly committing crimes, has ‘attempted suicide’ in Washington.

You may remember Grigory Rodchenkov as the erstwhile head of Russia’s Olympic anti-doping lab, before he resigned under shame, and fled to Washington, where he made his accusations of “state-sponsored doping” against the Russian Olympic committee.

His accusations, however, were DEMOLISHED by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), who ruled that Grigory Rodchenkov’s evidence against Russian athletes was “hearsay with limited probative value.”

FINALLY: Russian doping case FAILS in court. Time to revisit Russia-gate?

Now, sources say that Rodchenkov has attempted suicide, Sputnik reports:

In 2016, Rodchenkov told The New York Times that at least 15 Russian Olympic medalists were part of an alleged state-run doping program, and his testimony served as a basis for the WADA independent commission’s report on doping in Russian athletics. However, later he retracted a major part of his accusations against the Russian athletes.

According to a source within the US law enforcement services, the informant tried to commit suicide on June 19 in his apartment in New York city.

Very little is known yet, so I do not wish to speculate, but upon first hearing the reports, my immediate reaction was to worry that we could have another Skripal false flag situation on our hands.

I wish to be clear that currently, there is no evidence at all, of anything of the sort. So far, he has only allegedly attempted suicide.

I only said what I did, to prepare for the possibility that this story could blow out of proportion, and into something like another Skripal case.

We have already established the West can find ways to blame Russia for anything, without any evidence.

In particular, we haven’t, (Thank God), had the allegedly apocalyptic provocation against Russia, that many people were predicting would occur during the World Cup.

For example, many were saying while Russia is hosting the World Cup, Ukraine would start a new offensive against Donbass, but Thank God, this has not yet come to pass. Ollie Richardson has written well on these predictions and why we should not fear monger. The sky is not falling..

Hopefully, nothing of the sort will happen. After all, many predicted such a major provocation would occur during the Russian elections as well.

Still, they could, theoretically later claim: “Rodchenkov did not attempt suicide, he was attacked”, due to the strange irony of a man like Rodchenkov, associated with Russian sports, attempting suicide during the World Cup.

Were it not for that ironic fate, I would not have even mentioned it.

It is very likely there will be no false flag, I reiterate that I am NOT predicting this, I merely wished to speak theoretically, in the event some more ridiculous anti-Russian propaganda comes out of this story. Perhaps Rodchenkov simply needs psychiatric help.

As stated before, very little is known about what exactly happened, but either way, if anything comes of this story, we here at The Duran will keep you informed.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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September 5, 2018

This cynical old man reads this as: – MSM reports attempted suicide, (interesting to know his method of choice and reason it failed). Rodchenkov makes recovery from deaths door and denies suicide attempt. FBI/CIA etc investigate and find CCTV footage showing assassins approaching scene of ‘crime’. investigation reveals high probability that they are Russian agents, but, due to homeland security concerns cannot reveal proof. WADA release statement their claims were true and are now exonerated. Comparisons are made with the Skripals, and confirmation that Putin was personally responsible will be made by the Whitehouse spokesperson. Job Done.

September 5, 2018

Rodchenkov, the Solzhenixon of Russian sports

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