Vladimir Putin to the IMF’s Christine Lagarde…’cut the Greek debt’

Putin to the rescue?

Earlier in the day, Russian President Vladimir Putin had a telephone call with Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to discuss plans and options going forward after Greece’s historic OXI (NO) vote.

Immediately after the leaders’ telephone conversation, Vladimir Putin sent a message of support to the Greek people…but now various sources in Interfax say the Russian President took things a step further than just issuing statements, by actually directly dialling up IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde to discus the Greek crisis.

“The Russian President raised a series of points with Christine Lagarde that it considers must be met in order to satisfy the Greek side including the reduction of the Greek debt load and assurances from the IMF that “the Fund will support decisions to reduce Greek debt.”

For her part Lagarde stated that various countries in Latin America and Africa are “taking aim at her” for her tough stance towards the Greek crisis.

Sputnik News Agency reports on the Putin – Lagarde conversion…

The Kremlin spokesman said that the sides did not talk about the possibility of Russia providing Greece with financial aid.

“This was not about Russia helping Greece.” “The talk was initiated by the Russian side, President Putin. Issues regarding Russia’s cooperation with the International Monetary Fund in the context of the referendum, which took place yesterday in Greece, were discussed.”

“Hope was expressed that the search for an optimal solution to the Greek debt issue will continue,” Peskov said.

The significance of such statements from the Kremlin…well its one of the very few, if not first time the Kremlin has published communication from the Russian President to the IMF…and certainly the first time it has done so for the concerns of third party state, i.e. Greece.

Out view…Washington is shitting bricks right about now, and Merkel can expect to get royally chewed out by POTUS Obama¬†for her utter incompetence in handling the Greek crisis.

BRICS are waiting to give Greece the help the EU refused to deliver.


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