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Vladimir Putin praises Donald Trump’s pragmatic approach

Russian President Vladimir Putin has spoken at a press conference where he praised Donald Trump as an active listener who participated attentively in their conversation. As a result Putin stated,

“We will be able to restore, at least partially the level of interaction that we need”.

Vladimir Putin further stated that while much of US policy on Syria has not changed, that America’s approach under Donald Trump is “more pragmatic” than previous American policies.

He also called the establishment of the new de-escalation zones a “big step forward” but went onto say that there will be important discussions about the borders of these new zones.

Putin emphasised that progress can only be made through discussions will all interested parties, including the government of Syria. He also affirmed that all such agreements must preserve Syrian territorial integrity and sovereignty.

When asked about the future of President Bashar al-Assad, Putin said that this is up to the Syrian people alone and not anyone else, including Rex Tillerson whom Putin reminded his audience is not Syrian.

President Putin also stated that Trump accepted Russian assurances that there was no interference from Moscow in the US election. He said for any other details one should speak with Donald Trump.

Putin also stated that due to the political atmosphere in Kiev, the Ukrainian regime has stiffed economic cooperation with Russia which is a historic and natural partner. He stated that in negating important economic, cultural and infrastructural ties, the only thing the regime has to offer is “Russophobia”.

The Russian President was later asked a question he called “provocative”. He was asked if Russia plans to meddle in Germany’s forthcoming election. Putin said that the answer is of course no because Russia does not meddle in foreign affairs but by contrast the German and French media attempt to meddle in Russia internal political affairs.

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