Vladimir Putin is still on top in Russia, new poll shows

Putin tops recent Russian approval ratings with 83% support.

According to a study released on Thursday by the state-run pollster VTSIOM, 83.5 percent of Russians approve of Vladimir Putin’s work as president as of the end of July.

This is slightly down on 84.1 percent reported in the middle of the month, but still far ahead of other major Russian politicians.

Here is the distribution of the respondents’ reported votes among the parties:

  1. Parliamentary majority party United Russia (pro-Putin): 50.3%
  2. Conservative/populist LDPR: 11%
  3. Communists party: 9.1%
  4. Fair Russia party: 5%

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev received an approval rating of 57.5 percent, while the government as a whole – 52.4 percent.

Putin also topped the rating among state officials and politicians trusted by Russians, with 50.4 percent of respondents confirming their trust in the Russian leader.

As registered by VTSIOM, Putin had his highest approval rating in late 2015 – 89.9 percent. Researchers believe the president’s popularity is connected to support for the anti-terrorist operation in Syria.

Another peak in Putin’s popularity occurred in mid-2014, after the Crimea’s reunification with Russia.

How do you feel about Vladimir Putin?

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August 18, 2017

How do I feel about Vladimir Putin? He is tops– Consistent and hundred percent committed to Russia and ALL her diverse peoples on all fronts! If anything, I think Russians have got no idea how blessed they are to have what can only be termed throughout the world– as a truly unique leader, a president in a class of his own because although maybe Russians expect changes they wish to see, to happen faster– they forget where Russia was when Putin became her president…. This is simply my humble opinion, but based on everything I have conscientiously researched– also that… Read more »

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