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Vladimir Putin clarifies Russia’s Kurdish policy in Syria

President Vladimir Putin clarified Russia’s position on Syria’s burning Kurdish issue. President Putin explained that Russia will continue to maintain good relations and be in close contact with both the Syrian government as well as Kurdish forces.

He stated,

“Kurdish forces participate in the military operation against the so-called Islamic State, and they are one of the most combat-ready units, we consider it useful to maintain working contacts with them, at least to avoid possible confrontations and a situation that could carry a threat for our military personnel”.

In this sense, Russia may be able to bring order to the situation caused by America’s self-evidently disorganised policy of both arming and allying with the Kurds while seeking to maintain a military alliance with Turkey.

Russia of course considers itself a technical partner of both Turkey and the Kurds, but Russia’s willingness to engage in a respectful manner with Syria, Iran, Turkey and Kurdish forces, makes Russia the only power in the wider Syrian and Middle Eastern conflict to maintain cordial relations with all parties involved.

The same is true of Russia in respect of the Israel-Palestine crisis.

If Russia is able to continue controlling events, the risk of America and Kurdish forces acting unilaterally in Syria may be minimised.

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