This video proves there is a war on men

Gender “Virtue signaling” gone wild as feminist continue to deny truth, creating and fomenting depression and suicide among men

Feminism in America is virulent and absolutely destructive to everyone. Masculinity is under assault in all ways, from social behavior modification, where men are beginning to view the very act of asking a lady out for coffee as sexual harassment, to fashion, with the “skinny jeans” idea which is just plain bad for guys, and even deliberate attempts to confuse one’s view of whether or not they are a boy or a girl.

This video clip shows it all, and does so very well.

Be warned, the language is explicit, so parents, be parents to your children. In fact, it would be best for them not to see this at all until or unless you decide that you think they should see it.  It is weird and disgusting.

And ladies, please pay attention to this.  By adopting this notion that somehow you are the permanent victim to male-ness in men, you are only securing your own misery.  This is cultural Marxism at its finest, and it is also destructive to marriage, family, children, your own soul and the souls of your children.

But if you do not think these are important, when you find yourself lonely and wonder why no man looks or talks to you, if you are given to feminist ideas, this is a large reason why.  They make you not a woman, and real men like real women.  We are gentlemen and most of us love to do things to make our lady happy.  There are certainly boors among us, but most of us are decent people.

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