It’s official: Discrimination against men is now the law

If you live in the United Kingdom and you are a man, be careful. You may find that you get treated much worse for any illegal actions than your female counterparts do

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The wacky thing about most liberal ideology is that it is always self-destructive. In the case of feminism, this is particularly so. When we talk about feminism, we refer to that phenomenon as it is known mainly in the West, in Europe and the United States. In these places, feminists are portrayed as victimized people, oppressed under the patriarchy (that means men), and so the treatment of the problem is to remove the oppressive force (men, or any reference that says that a woman is in fact a woman and not a man)

A priest once remarked about the feminist network We TV in the US, “this channel is the ‘we hate all women’ channel. It’s not just we hate all men, we hate ourselves, and we cannot get over the fact that we are women.”

Seeing many examples of feminism, I am, sadly, inclined to agree.

The next step down this dark and ludicrous road has been taken.

In Great Britain, judges use a guidance manual titled the “Equal Treatment Bench Book” which is published by the English Judicial College. This is the body that is charged with training all UK judges. The manual just received an update with an extremely anti-male, pro-feminist worldview as a foundational aspect of defining “fair treatment.”  First of all comes the attitude of the politically correct, so as to avoid certain types of thoughtcrime:

“Gender neutral (that means ‘his and her’ terms)” language must be practiced in the courtroom at all times:

Judges are now being urged to refrain from using certain words, including ‘ethnic minorities,’ ‘afro-Caribbean’ and ‘transsexual,’ while ‘postman’ should be replaced by ‘postal operative’.”

Be nicer to women, and be harsher to men (regardless of the crime):

The guidelines also call for judges to be “slow” when it comes to jailing women, as imprisonment is believed to be more damaging to females than males. Going against the long-standing social norm whereby all are treated equally before the law, the guidelines suggest the opposite. “True equal treatment may not always mean treating everyone in the same way,” the new version reads.”

We will get back to this one…

Women are really incapable of being held accountable for crimes, so courts should not punish them when they are guilty:

Women remain disadvantaged in many public and private areas of their lives. The previous life experiences of women offenders, their reasons for offending, their offending patterns, the impact of custodial sentences on themselves and their dependants, and the long-term effect of prison sentences all tend to differ between men and women.”

If judges deem it necessary to hand a jail sentence to [female] defendants, they should consider suspending it, the guidance advises. It reads: “The impact of imprisonment on women, more than half of whom have themselves been victims of serious crime, is especially damaging and their outcomes are worse than men’s.”

Getting back to the matter of true equal treatment meaning not everyone is treated in the same way, well… doesn’t that sound a bit like this below?

Very applicable to feminist ideology, don’t you think?

This all amounts to a feminist tour de force, but in reality it is an utter farce. Just watch a feminist in action. Whether the feminist actually be a man or a woman (they do come in both sexes!) the feminist is usually a sadly tormented individual. If the feminist is a man, he is cowed by women, and is stripped of his own sense of self. Some of these poor guys never marry or commit suicide since they feel unworthy of any woman. The women who are feminists often help the guys do themselves in. Their expression of feminism is not about equality, it is about victimization and hatred, but the chief characteristic of that is never to face one’s own part in causing the problems. Once a person adopts the point of view that they are a victim, it seems to be verified everywhere, and there is often no getting that person back from this pit once they are in it.

But these orders do not counter that – they exacerbate it and make it worse.

Get ready for the women crime rate to go up in Great Britain, fellas… hope you can handle it!


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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