Video of 70 US/EU backed Ukrainian troops surrendering in Debaltsevo cauldron. Poroshenko may be planning to leave Kiev

Ukraine President, Petro Poroshenko, had the chance to resolve the situation in Debaltsevo during the marathon Minsk 2 talks, but be refused to accept the clear reality of acknowledging his forces were trapped by the thousands. A clear case of believing your own propaganda.

The Novorussian army offered safe passage to troops out of the Debaltsevo cauldron if they surrendered their weapons and heavy artillery.

The US/EU backed Ukraine command opted to have the army continue fighting and try to break out of a tightly closed lid. Now it’s only a matter of time before the troops are forced to surrender or are wiped up an encircled Novorussian advance.

Via the Fort Russ blog…

Ukrainian punitive troops are surrendering in large numbers. Journalists have filmed the surrender of one of the punitive units in the Debaltsevo cauldron. More than 70 men laid down their arms to save their lives and surrendered to LPR People’s Militia. All punitive troops who lay down their arms and cease resistance will receive hot food and warm clothing, as well as medical aid if they are wounded. The main reward for their conscience and their refusal to continue the war is that their lives will be spared.

The Ukrainian General Staff now confirms losing control over Debaltsevo forces, as reported by Fort Russ…

It’s only a matter of how many troops make it out alive. But the loss of equipment, combined with earlier losses here and everywhere, put into question the UAF’s ability to conduct large-scale operations for a long time to come. The days of “Victory” have come to an end. The days of “Treason” are only beginning… Poroshenko and others were able to avoid reckoning for the earlier Ilovaysk debacle apparently only by promising a rematch. They seem to have lost that one too, and Round 3 does not seem in the cards. But Round 2 is the only thing kept all the different factions of the very fragile “pro-European” junta together.

Also lots of chatter, but still unconfirmed reports that Poroshenko’s family has fleed Kiev after Right Sector issued an ultimatum.

This has not appeared in any english media outlets yet, including RT and Sputnik, but was breaking news on RT-Deutsch, as well as in some Russian media.

Via RT Deutsch…

According to reports of several Ukrainian and Russian newspapers the entire family of Ukrainian president, Petro Poroshenk have allegedly left Ukraine. The background to this is an ultimatum of the Right Sector to Porsohenko, that he “would suffer the same fate as Gaddafi” if the situation in the Debalstsevo cauldron did not improve before the 23 February. At present 6,000 Ukrainian soldiers and voluntary brigades are surrounded in the cauldron.

Is Porky planning his exit out of Kiev before Maidan 3.

Also, and still unconfirmed, reports are coming out that the US is planning a massive false flag with a possible suitcase nuke within the Debaltsevo encirclement, from where Russia is primed to be blamed. There are a variety of reports stating that the US and NATO have flown in the bombs in anticipation of such an event as the one playing out right now in the Debaltsevo cauldron.


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February 18, 2015

RT @redpilltimes: Video: 70 US/EU backed #Ukraine troops surrendering #Debaltsevo. Poroshenko may be planning to leave #Kiev…

February 18, 2015

RT @NEWS_WORLD_: #Video of 70 US/EU backed Ukrainian troops surrendering in… #timeline #notizie #news…

February 18, 2015
February 18, 2015

#Video of 70 US/EU backed Ukrainian troops surrendering in… #timeline #notizie #news

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