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US Pandemic Influenza Plan- 2017 UPDATE 

US  Pandemic Influenza Plan2017 UPDATE

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I am a civil protection Expert wit 25 years experience . I from 2012-2016 I worked for the EU Civil protection mechanism as a exercise evaluated.  those exercises held in various EU country’s and attended by various country’s that send different emergency teams to attend. the whole purpose is to have a strong EU emergency respond to assist those members states that are facing an Event that there own capabilities can’t handle.  this is the system Italians have to go to and asks for help.  and believe me the failure of that system which is looked at as the most political influence (free) among member states and is run on “all animals in the forest should be friends” concept is going to have devastating affected on the whole future of EU.  I’d  gladly  explain it to in details in a logical and informative way and I have 25 experience in public relations so you don’t have to worry I never make statements without a solid reference   i believe the civil protection mechanism failure is  the where first shit will hit the fan. then there are all those never spoke of  missions all over the world money is being pored into and the military operations that are far greater then people think.  Best regard. Impregilo

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