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US Neocon Foreign Policy and the War Waged Against Serbia

The ‘witch-hunt’ against President Trump over Russian collusion has officially ended, following the submission of the Mueller Report, enabling us to now focus on the real problems of America that effects the whole world.

In the hope of a waining of the Russophobia in America, let’s look at the US’s recent war history by starting with the 20th anniversary this month of the NATO war on Serbia in 1999 which amounted to almost 100 days of bombing of historic cities and infrastructure.

Firstly, these problems are, in the main caused by the Neocons, or Deep State, whatever you wish to call them, and the continuing promotion, by the US Military-Security Industrial Complex, of wars and regime change and secondly, Trump’s unreserved support for Israel, regardless of war crimes they may continue to commit against the Palestinians.

Incredibly after that one sided unjust and illegal war that NATO executed, NATO has the audacity to invite Serbia to join it! Something that will never happen. What do they smoke in DC, in the Pentagon and Brussels based NATO?

To compound these overall problems, the US Military and Israeli Defence Forces collaborate on these US regime change policies on all continents evidenced most recently by the arrival of crack Israeli troops last month in Brazil, prepared to support an attack potentially by Brazil and Columbia on Venezuela.

As, has now come to be expected, America pursues its Venezuelan regime change with full main stream media (MSM) cooperation, using well proven sophisticated propaganda techniques along with a variety of pretexts.

From Serbia to Iraq to Libya, where does it end? Observe that Trump is now seeking a ‘NATO alliance’ offering NATO status, to President Bolsonaro of Brazil to back the invasion of Venezuela.

So it is important to remember, as an example, that after a long war of economic and financial destabilization ended with the bombing of Serbia.

Serbia was previously a part of Yugoslavia, a country which had successfully evolved after 1945 to solve the old rivalries of the 19th and early 20th Century Balkan ethnic animosities which was, prior to the advent of power of President Tito, its past history.

The United Nations, instead of supporting, in effect, so called ‘humanitarian wars’ and ‘regime change wars’ by the US, using NATO, helped and relentlessly driven home by MSM outlets like CNN and FOX NEWS into people’s heads, must finally take a stand.

So too, Yugoslavia, once the envy of many in the world, given its then ‘non-aligned’ status under President Tito, was destroyed and broken up; ‘Balkanized’ in the early 1990s.

The Serbian assault began first by a ‘financial war’; by sanctions and finished off by an aggressive unprovoked incessant NATO bombing campaign. That’s what we can expect in Venezuela next.

This ‘Balkanization’ strategy similarly applies to Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria et al. It serves US Neocon interests to dismember States in the world and create smaller more ‘manageable’ countries.

‘Regime change’ runs against the intent, the very words contained in the US Constitution. No one in MSM ever reminds us of that fact. Nevertheless America’s ambition to overthrow other States continues, which they arrogantly now make no secret of. The next States will probably be Nicaragua then Iran to name but two.

A very noteworthy most recent outrageous unilateral declaration was made by President Trump, not yet formally agreed by US institutions, ‘giving’ something he has no authority to give; Syrian territory, the Golan Heights to be precise, to Israel. Something that one day could trigger a full scale Arab-Israeli War.

This is of extreme importance yet no real outcry comes from world leaders; well not so far.

The main reason for that decision given by senior US Administration figures is that “God anointed Trump to save the Jews”.

Not forgetting Trump’s need (which we the people don’t understand exactly why) to support Prime Minister Netanyahu in his difficult upcoming elections in Israel – in part because both countries failed to ‘regime change’ Syria – but more importantly to help the ‘financial terrorists’ who formed a company jointly that has already started drilling for oil in the Golan Heights. You might like to know who owns such oil drilling company which should answer a plethora of questions in one go that you must be asking yourselves.

The shareholder’s names tells us everything; Dick Cheney; Baron Rothschild and Rupert Murdoch. The titular heads of neocons, bankers and media on the planet.

In ending there is no more evidence required for us, the people of the world, to rise up against the globalist dark forces wherever they exist, be it in Brussels, London, France or Washington. We must demand democratic elections or start revolutions, the latter has already begun in France in the form of ‘the yellow vests’. And Brexit, by definition, is a rejection by the British people of globalism and American Hegemony.

The pattern of US destabilization and destruction of States to loot them of their sovereign resources is the unseen history of the last 100 years, not taught in any university, anywhere in the West.

As far as Ukraine is concerned, its government was taken down by the CIA and replaced by an ultra fascist regime that has full backing from America. This is no secret. But the MSM simple don’t report it.

US led NATO is ‘the transnational war machine’ of the world, devouring almost all free countries wealth. It can extort to terrorize all into conformity to the global ‘carcinogenic’ US Neocon imperialistic strategy.

A total estimated 20m people around the world have died since the end of WW11 at the hands of US Forces. Think about that for a moment.

One of the most famous sayings attributed to America’s great President Abraham Lincoln is about deception: “You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”

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March 26, 2019

The more I learn about USA / NATO, the more I despise both of them.

Reply to  Normski1
March 27, 2019

Welcome to the real world. 🙂

john vieira
Reply to  Normski1
March 28, 2019

Guess that is how it is done…NOBODY complained, nor complains about Tibet!!!

March 26, 2019

Trump is part and parcel of the Deep State……dare I say the Anglo-Zionist Deep State. All the brouhaha about Trump fighting the Deep State and ceasing to engage the U.S. in military adventures overseas is a lie: the bombing of Syria, the sanctions against that country,against North Korea, supporting the bombing of Yemen and now sanctions and promoting regime change in Venezuela; the moving of the Israeli capital to Jerusalem and now recognising Golan Heights as part of Israel. Is there any doubt whatsoever where this imposter stands?

March 27, 2019

He’s not even that. He’s ego centric as hell and money mad. He’s also a local hero and a poor politician with poor diplomatic skills. He is also a loose cannon. What seems to be happening is a tie up and misdirection of trump as I doubt he sees any country beyond trade potential (hell he even mused about Russia for a bit).

Pox Americana
Pox Americana
March 27, 2019

From an American: These were unjustified and flat-out illegal war crimes against a civilian population and infrastructure, plain and simple. The kicker was that Milosevic agreed to allowing UN peacekeepers in BEFORE the bombing began and was flat-out turned down. UNMIK after two years of investigation declared less than 5% of the fatality numbers CNN bombarded the public with 24/7 and even those of mixed ethnic and fighter/civilian status. The official civilian fatality toll didn’t in fact even reach the numbers in the Donbass from Ukrainian operations and indiscriminate shelling of its cities and towns. The Yugo operation was what… Read more »

Pox Americana
Pox Americana
Reply to  Pox Americana
March 27, 2019

I remember all of the attention western MSM paid to the ultra-nationalist Arkan’s Tigers, as if Satan himself had descended upon the Balkans. Yet we literally have dozens of Ukrainian ultra-nationalist (let’s be honest – openly nazi-worshipping) battalions operating with arguably even more viciousness in Ukraine than Arkan et. al. in Kosovo, so rarely discussed in whispers by the MSM (as if to avoid shame), yet still receiving NATO training and arms after a convenient so-called integration into the army, police and security services of Ukraine. You so-called ‘journalists’ of the MSM. If you don’t yet understand that you have… Read more »

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