US is now targeting China with sanctions. The excuse Obama will use to impose sanctions on China…”cybertheft”

For American foreign policy, compromise and diplomacy is a thing of the past.

Never mind international law. If the Empire cannot bomb a country into submission, or regime change the leadership out of power, then its go to tool is that trusted hammer known as sanctions…so as to knock back that nail sticking out of the wood.

Something tells me Obama will have a hard time getting his usual vassal, puppet EU states on board with his latest attempt to ‘punish’ China for its sovereignty…because we all know this has nothing to do with cyber theft and everything to do with a changing world order.

Via Sputnik News Agency…

US President Barack Obama’s administration is yet to decide whether the sanctions should be applied to Chinese companies and individuals who benefited from breaches of US databases by Chinese hackers, but a final decision is expected to be made within two weeks, the newspaper reported, citing their sources in the administration.

According to The Washington Post, the packet of sanctions is expected to be introduced on the eve of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s first visit to the United States, although some of their sources in the administration suggest that it might be delayed for a number of days after the visit to avoid controversy.

On August 10, a leaked top secret National Security Agency (NSA) briefing from 2014 reportedly alleged that Chinese hackers have had access to the emails of top national security and trade officials in the Obama Administration since at least April 2010.

Via Washington Post….

“As the president said when signing the executive order enabling the use of economic sanctions against malicious cyber actors, the administration is pursuing a comprehensive strategy to confront such actors. That strategy includes diplomatic engagement, trade policy tools, law enforcement mechanisms, and imposing sanctions on individuals or entities that engage in certain significant, malicious cyber-enabled activities.”


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