US Ambassador meets Russia’s top general, says closer cooperation necessary

Jon Huntsman stressed the need for both nations to work together in his meeting with Russian Chief of Staff Gerasimov

With the current relations between the US and Russia being non-ideal, and hardly the fault of Russia, there are still voices in the US that think they need “tougher’ or “stricter” relationships with Russia.

Apparently, the US Ambassador Jon Huntsman is NOT among them, preferring the elusive and concepts of common sense and reason that has been missing in most US diplomacy for years now.

You may remember him from when we covered his icy plunge into the Russian Faith.

WATCH: US Ambassador takes the pain, jumps into icy waters in Russia

Apparently, Huntsman is a believer in the revolutionary idea that a diplomat should embrace the culture and people they work with, promoting dialog and cooperation. And when he met with the Russian Chief of General Staff, it is precisely those communications he advocated for.

If he is truly sincere in all his recent actions, he is proving a very capable ambassador. Russia does not expect idealistic profound love to exist between the two states, Russia understands most great powers rarely have permanent friends, only permanent interests; all she expects is normal, diplomatic relations. Hopefully, with Ambassador Huntsman, that is what she will get:

TASS News reports:

MOSCOW, February 19./TASS/. Chief of the Russian General Staff Gen. Valery Gerasimov and US Ambassador to Russia Jon Huntsman discussed on Monday prospects for bilateral relations in the military sector, the Russian Defense Ministry said on Monday.

It said Gerasimov and Huntsman “exchanged views on the situation in the security sphere, as well as views on the current state and prospects for bilateral relations in the military sphere,” the ministry said.

Jon Huntsman spoke in favor of more active contacts between Washington and Moscow, the US Embassy in Moscow said on Monday.

“There is obviously a low level of trust between our two countries. It is precisely at moments like these, when more communications are needed, not less,” it quoted the US diplomat as saying. The embassy also said “They discussed Ukraine, Syria, Strategic Stability, Afghanistan, and the DPRK”.

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