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United States Space Force

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The United States Space Force. In 2018, when the Space Force was made. I warned that the new service will almost most likely look for exemptions from existing rules. Overseeing the rules, and will ask for dropping the benchmark.

Saying that would be important to stay up to date with technological development. I hate to mention this that my warning was pretty close to what I said.

Recently made the United States Space Force wasted little in attempting to skirt the guidelines showing how it spends citizen’s cash. The administration presented a report a week ago to Congress. Mentioned that the production of an “Elective Acquisition System for the U.S. Space Force,” justifying the proposal with bunches of language.

The U.S. must keep up a strategic advantage in space. Through both a space-centered military help and a space-customized procurement. This quickly uses the new industrial equipment.

These agreements will stop Congress’s ability to directly oversee. This will result in more money wasted on this controversial framework.

In one of the proposed changes, Space Force leaders want to create budget lines for wide mission categories rather than specific projects. In reality, this means that instead of asking Congress for budget, for a correspondences satellite program.

The Space Force would have access to cash apportioned for all interchanges programs. So Space Force administrators would have the option to move cash starting with one program then onto the next without Congress’ approval.

The original explanation the Space Force was made was to make it simpler for contract workers to sell things to the government. This program supports that effort.

We’ve seen this previously it is exactly the same explanation that the United States Air Force gained from its service freedom from the Army in 1947.

US Force

The pilots of that day and their partners in the aviation hated picked by the non-flyer Army leaders. Before they could take pet activities. Having a different service means they have control over their own budget.

In those days, pilots did believe that, in any case, accepting their new service can win wars independent form the current military. Even though their theories have been proved wrong through great experimentation during World War II.

Air Force’s journey for service independence was supported by warfighting reasonable. The Space Force doesn’t considerably offer that much.

Space Force’s sake

One of the most vocal advocates for the new assistance is Representative Mike Rogers. In a speech to the 2017 Space Symposium, he talked widely about the low need for other services on space-related projects. When drawing up their budget plans as the chief purpose behind making another service.

Representative Jim Cooper additionally worked hard for the Space Force’s sake. However, he is currently some way or another shocked by the site choice procedure for its central station.

“The vision that Rep. Mike Rogers and I had for the Space Corps was a lean and coordinated association that repurposed Air Force assets to secure U.S. resources in space.” He stated, “not make another organization with a complex structure.” For the record, I warned this would also happen.

Space Force protection

In an attempt to stay away from the troublesome significant protection obtaining program process, the Space Force is not unique. A large number of high profile securing programs are in progress currently.

Including the B-21 aircraft, the Army’s most recent tank update, and the F-35 modernization program. On the whole, being done through workplaces or plans outside the proper procedure to stay away from desk work and testing procedures.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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June 10, 2020

The only thing missing is the star ship Enterprise, and when you consider the amount of money allocated towards defense over the decades, the US should have several of this type of space craft now. Yet all they could manage is the F35, which some say has cost over $1 trillion and still cant fly.

June 10, 2020

Q/ What did Buck Rogers say when he woke up in the 25th century?
A/ Has the USA won a war yet?

Last edited 1 year ago by BobValdez
Buck Rogers
Buck Rogers
June 11, 2020

Given that both political parties are populated by space cadets, seems perfectly appropriate.

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