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Unimaginative People Edition, November 6, 2020

Shut the Fuck Up-The Nation of Unimaginative People Edition, November 6, 2020

Good Evening, Ungovernables. No heavy reading tonight. No links. Just talk. Just musings on what we see, progress we do not see, what it means for our future. Unless the American people can start to think again, and begin to envision themselves bu…


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November 8, 2020

If I had met her 30 years ago, and she was talking like this, I would have FUCKING MARRIED HER! Gotta look at more of her videos, theres my “inside voice” right on video! LOL!

Rick Oliver
Rick Oliver
November 8, 2020

God save this woman , she is what America desperately needs !! The ” Wake up ” you stupid bastards! , tells it exactly how it is , gotta get the population outta the dumbed down circle !! People have to start all over again on how to think for themselves . Sad but true .

Reply to  Rick Oliver
November 8, 2020

Its especially important to teach, encourage and nurture free cognitive thought and logical analysis of information in our children. One trait I have noticed is that those from Asian countries are much more inclined to blindly accept the Covid narrative without question. My wife is one that did, for a very long time, and much of my social circle is made up of people from China, Taiwan, Korea,Vietnam and the Philippines, many share this same tendency, actively questioning authority and the group zeitgeist is seen as almost immoral, a weakness of character. I believe there’s an innate, culturally driven pre-disposition… Read more »

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