UN chemical weapons expert discusses details of Skripal poisoning (VIDEO)

The claims of Porton Down and the British govt could be perceived as a dishonest media stunt

A chemical weapons expert who worked with the UN in during its investigations in Iraq has appeared on RT news to discuss the details of the attack and the claims made by the British government.

When the attack took place, the British government wasted no time in attributing the blame for the attack on the Russian government, possibly under the direction of Russian President Vladimir Putin himself. Claims were made that only the Russians were manufacturing the nerve agent, and that their purpose was to assassinate ex spy Sergei Skripal.

But that line doesn’t jive with the internal politics of Russia, including the presidential elections which were a matter of days away, as well as the upcoming World Cup, which will be hosted by Russia.

It would be extremely counter productive for the Russians to conduct such an assassination right ahead of these events, when the world’s eye would be on Russia, as well as the domestic and international politics of the events, and the manner in which Russia is attempting to position itself globally.

One might assume that carrying out such an assassination at that time would serve no other purpose than to assure a Western backlash and a great deal of bad press.

Having been exposed to a ‘military grade’ nerve toxin, one might expect that the Skripals would not have managed to survive the assassination attempt, given its lethality and the absence of an antidote, yet Sergei and Yulia not only survived the incident but they seem to be doing just fine, with no apparent residual effects or disabilities, which might lead one to question whether the toxin that they were exposed to might have been something less than ‘military grade’, or else something else entirely.

Therefore, the claims of Porton Down and the British govt could be perceived as a dishonest media stunt to express solidarity with Washington on an anti Russia stance, discredit Putin’s reelection bid, damage the prospects of the upcoming world cup competition, and justify further countermeasures.


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