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Ukrainian neo-Nazis flock to the Hong Kong protest movement

Ukrainian fascists who previously fought in a US-backed neo-Nazi militia joined the anti-China protests in Hong Kong, sharing their tactics and showing off their tattoos. 

Neo-Nazis from Ukraine have flown to Hong Kong to participate in the anti-Chinese insurgency, which has been widely praised by Western corporate media and portrayed as a peaceful pro-democracy movement.

Since March 2019, Hong Kong has been the site of often-violent protests and riots that have run the city’s economy into the ground. The US government has funded many of the groups leading the pro-Western and anti-Beijing movement, and opposition leaders have coordinated closely with conservative political figures in Washington like Marco Rubio and Steve Bannon, lobbying for sanctions and other punitive measures against China.

Numerous delegations of far-right groups from across the world have traveled to Hong Kong to join the violent insurgency against Beijing, in which secessionists have attacked police with bows and arrows, shot gasoline bombs out of catapults, and burned numerous people alive.

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John Ellis
John Ellis
December 6, 2019

The atheists say to us: “Where is your proof that there is a heaven?”

And in response we must ask: Where is your proof that earth is not a living hell?
For has there ever been a government of men that did not love to enslave the
lower-half of society as the 50% working-poor?

John Ellis
John Ellis
December 6, 2019

As the 25% of society known as the educated middle-class, as they are all of the police, military officers, rioters and Revolution creators, reflect carefully we must on how this battle unfolds.
For we the 75% majority are but slaves to the most violent desires of those with middle-speed brains who so glory in the power of wealth.

December 6, 2019

The last lot you need to be interfering. Regardless of HK’s motives for opposing China and I certainly don’t blame them, they would be wise to escort this rabble to the border and be rid of them. They are very dangerous agitents even if they aren’t the worst we’ve seen.

Truth's Out
Truth's Out
December 8, 2019

I always knew those ukie-nazis were the deep state’s tonton macoutes.

Read up on the CIA’s 1953 Iranian coup d’etat, how they hired thugs to spark demonstrations in the street and fake repressions. Same old, same old. Never changes with these guys.

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