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The Ukrainian attack on Russia’s embassy is an attack on democracy

Last night, the Russian Embassy in Kiev was attacked by home-made missiles, fireworks and other flaming projectiles.

The images look eerily like those from Odessa in 2014 when ethnic Russians and opponents of the coup in Kiev were barricaded in the Trade Union House and burnt alive like animals. These were not soldiers, they were civilians, many of them could be described as children.

Luckily the attack last night did not claim any human lives nor cause substantial damage to the Embassy. Whilst the Ukrainian regime claims the culprits were a group of around 20 unknown hooligans, no one can be certain. What is certain is that the perpetrators were supporting official policies of the government Kiev.

The government in Kiev has stated that they will not allow Russian citizens living in Kiev to enter the Russian embassy on Sunday to cast their vote in the elections for the State Duma of the Russian Federation.

This is illegal under international law. No foreign state can stop a citizen from entering the embassy of their own country.

It is an aggravated violation of international law to stop someone from exercising the right to vote in elections of the state in which they hold citizenship.

The Ukrainian Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman refers to the event as ‘minor’ and not worthy of commentary. 

This is ludicrous. If any embassy in London, Moscow, Washington or Beijing was attacked, there would be an instant response showing a willingness to cooperate with the country whose territory was attacked (an embassy is legally not the territory of the host country).

This event demonstrates how far removed from any sense of legitimate government the authorities in Kiev are. They are dangerous and violent people but they are also petty, frivolous and idiotic. They show a blatant disregard from even the most basic rules of diplomacy and international law. Frankly Vladimir Groysman is every bit as much of a hooligan as those who attempted to burn down the Russian embassy. His country is yet again about to violate international law, yet the West remains silent.

How ironic that it is Russia the West calls undemocratic yet it is the Kiev regime who are trying to prevent Russians from exercising their right to vote.

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