Ukraine’s Prime Minister, Yats, has announced a state of emergency in the south-east Donetsk and Lugansk Regions

Astute military commander and WW2 historian, Arseny Yatsenyuk (or as Vicky Nuland affectionately calls him,” Yats”) has officially introduced a state of emergency in the Donetsk and Lugansk Regions.

The puppet PM also has placed all other territories on high alert.

RT reports…

“In accordance with the Ukrainian Code of Civil Protection, the Cabinet of Ministers has adopted a decision to recognize an emergency situation at a state level. The Ukrainian government has decided to impose the state of emergency in the Donetsk and Lugansk Regions,” Yatsenyuk is cited as saying by Interfax-Ukraine.

According to the PM, the move is aimed at providing the most efficient coordination of all government agencies in order to ensure civil protection and the safety of the population.

The statement was made after the field meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers, which took place at the headquarters of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Kiev on Monday.

Yatsenyuk also said that the state of emergency in the southeast will be overseen by a special government commission.

It will be headed by the PM himself, with Deputy-PM Gennady Zubko and Emergencies Minister Sergey Bochkovsky being his deputies.

We are also sure that some CIA and NATO guys will also be helping Yats out.

The questions now becomes…how close are we to seeing the insane asylum running Ukraine take it one step further and either a) declare martial law or b) officially declare war on Russia…for its phantom 9,000 fighters that no one can seem to find.

If Ukraine pulls the martial law trigger, then forget about any aid, cash or IMF slavery loans.

No cash will be able to get through to the pockets of the corrupt elite running the country. No investment can be permitted in a country that has declared martial law.

Probability of this happening: 5%…because while extremely stupid, Kiev’s leadership is 100 times more greedy and corrupt.

Declaring martial war without an official war declaration is also highly improbable, but we have seen Kiev do stupider things in the past.

If Kiev plays the war card, and officially declares war on Russia, then good night Kiev.

Officially declaring war against a country that has not declared war against the other party will effectively permit Russia to defend itself to the max…and their would be nothing NATO, America or the UN could do about it.

Russia will use the UN Charter on the right for individual and collective defense and will be able to calmly destroy the armed forces of Ukraine as the aggressor.

Ukraine would be fair game, and well within International law and the United Nation’s charter. Declaring war on Russia, would be lights out for Kiev.

Probability of this happening: 25%…given the ego and “Glory to Ukraine” nazi crap emanating out of Kiev (combined with some American and NATO encouragement), and this just might happen.

If war is declared, expect Western main stream media briefed way ahead of time so as to spin their lies to the zombie American and European hordes about Russian aggression against defenceless, peace loving Ukraine.


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January 26, 2015

RT @redpilltimes: Breaking: #Ukraine’s PM, Yats, has announced a state of emergency in south-east #Donetsk & #Lugansk regions…

January 26, 2015

@redpilltimes Do the #NatoNazis even control any territory there?

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