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Ukraine May Turn Into Pariah State Under President Trump

Much though I’d like to be in New York celebrating this historical victory with President-elect Trump, there’s another city where I’d like to be even more at this moment…assuming I had a bullet-proof vest, tin helmet and several body guards. I am of course talking about Kiev, a city in which anti-fascists like me are increasingly unwelcome.

Of course there are many good ordinary people in Kiev who hate their government as much as I do, but the people in power have no time for them. Donald Trump’s professed desire to engage in cooperation and fraternal relations with Russia is deeply important to world peace. Although much of the world are focused on how this will manifest itself in Syria, I believe that seeing how it will impact on the situation in Ukraine will be even more telling.

Here’s why.

In Syria, all of the major global powers have something at stake. The conflict is multi-lateral involving the Syrians, Russians, Iranians, Chinese (to a degree) and Hezbollah on one side and America, Britain, France, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey on the other. Even if Russia and America didn’t exist, the war would still continue now that it has started.

By contrast Kiev was and remains a pet project of the US State Department and CIA. Unlike the people in Syria who want to live in a united nation, those in Ukraine increasingly do not. Recent tensions have made an uneasy situation relating to the nonsensical borders of what is effectively a non-state, even worse. The US lit a match to gunpowder when fomenting the 2014 coup in Kiev.

But if the US changes its policy, Kiev will be left totally isolated. The EU has more or less quietly abandoned its support of the fascist regime, the world outside of Europe was largely unsupportive from the beginning and what remains of a few terrorists from Eastern Europe fighting in Donbass, won’t in the long term amount to meaningful support for a corrupt and faltering regime.

If America pulls the plug on Kiev, that will be that, Ukraine will become an isolated pariah state. It’s no secret that Donald Trump is not very popular amongst the Banderists in Kiev. Unlike Syria, whose security and stability does effect the wider world, including America, the Ukrainian issue effects only the people in Ukraine and in the People’s Republics in Donbass. Abandoning Poroshenko and his gang of blood thirsty fools could therefore be a quicker sign of understanding a new chapter in US/Russian relations than the more manifold, long term and complex problems in Syria.

By withdrawing support for the fascists in Kiev, America would be engaging in reverse-regime change. If the regime fell due to a combination of internal incompetence and international isolation, chances are that a more moderate government could be formed. Ideally such a new government would be one that recognises the democratic right to self-determination exercised by the Donbass Republics, one less hell-bent on extreme corruption and hopefully one that would hold regional referenda on autonomy and/or independence.

The coup in Ukraine is a Frankenstein monster that Obama’s government created. I truly hope that reversing this mistake can be one of President Trump’s first triumphs in foreign policy.

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