Ukraine fighter jet levels town square, while Poroshenko meets his new master

Being a newly minted dictator sure does keep a man busy.  The Ukrainian President Poroshenko was in Warsaw today meeting with supreme leader POTUS Obama to discuss the peace process unfolding in Ukraine. A situation that resembles a hollywood like horror / thriller complete with anti-semite parliament members, central bank Prime Minister stooges and of course lots of bombs.

Imagine this being your town square as you stroll about the city center with your wife and kids. Fireworks go off at the 0:15 second mark, as the fighter jet rocket explosion is spread out across a park neighboring the administration building.

Zerohedge sums up the situation nicely:

Earlier today we reported that even as the western media blackout of events in Ukraine gets more black, the ongoing civil war is getting ever more uncivil, following a Ukraine fighter jet attack on the east Ukraine town of Lugansk, in which it struck not only the local administration building, but a neighboring area, resulting in numerous civilian casualties and injuries. Kiev was quick to deny that it was using its airforce on its own people, claiming instead that the explosion quite clearly caught on tape was merely locals trying to unsuccessfully shoot at the fighter jet.

One more time in animated GIF format for your viewing displeasure:

Of course US State Department spokeswoman, Jen Psaki, finds it hard to accept that such things are happening right under the U.S.A.’s nose. For any other doubters like Psaki, the impartial OSCE has confirmed rockets from a jet plane hit the Luhansk Administration building. When asked by the press, “who do you believe more, the OSCE or Kiev?,” Psaki replied the US is still looking into reports, meanwhile praising “the restraint the Government of Ukraine has shown” in the face of overwhelming and unacceptable Russian interference and see no credible evidence to the contrary.

Here is some more restrain shown by the Ukraine government:

Meanwhile in Poland, Obama took a meeting with Poroshenko to discuss how the “peace process” was moving along and most likely to give Poroshenko his next strike targets, which will hopefully and finally achieve the neocon goal of baiting Russia into interfering in the Ukraine bloodbath.

We have these words of encouragement form the POTUS himself:

“The United States is absolutely committed to standing behind the Ukrainian people not just in the coming days, weeks, but in the coming years,”

Translated for the laymen…“Eastern Ukrainians, prepare to die in large numbers.”

And the irony of it all…leaders prepare to celebrate D-Day and the end of World War 2 while Ukrainian military continues its airstrike, now moving on the community of Semenovka, a suburb of Slavyansk in the Donetsk region killing 300 plus more people, with some putting the count as high as 800 deaths.

Oh how low has Europe and the U.S. sunk, when children are forced to hide in bunkers fearing death, while we celebrate liberation from the “exeptionalist” nation state policy of Germany in World War 2.


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