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Ukraine cuts energy to Donetsk–Germany’s press reverts to its dark past

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When one looks at the Western (and in particular the German) interpretation of news from Ukraine and Crimea, the impression is that journalists in  modern Germany (and in the West in general) have an even more crooked psyche and conscience than journalists in the Hitler-dominated Nazi Third Reich.

Wednesday’s news is a good example. The Ukrainian media triumphantly reported that “on July 26 Ukraine has totally stopped all deliveries of electric energy to the temporarily uncontrolled territory of Donetsk region (ORDO).” Explanation for the Westerners: ORDLO is the abbreviated name which the Ukrainian “revolutionary” authorities gave to those areas in Donetsk region which did not recognize the post-Maidan “revolutionary” government of Ukraine and managed to fend off the Ukrainian army’s punitive onslaught during the summer war in 2014.

There are more than 2.3 million people living in Donetsk People’s Republic. Can you imagine what happens to 2.3 million people without electricity in the modern world? But the head of Ukrenergo (the Ukrainian energy monopoly) Vsevolod Kovalchuk remained unperturbed , saying that “our supplies to Donetsk have been reduced to zero, but that will have only positive consequences.”

In the neighboring Lugansk People’e Republic, where 1.3 million people live, Ukraine cut all energy supplies back in April.

Now all the electricity that Donetsk and Lugansk consume is either produced by themselves or supplied from neighboring Russia – much to the chagrin of the German chancellor Merkel and similar European humanists from France, the UK and Poland, who set themselves the aim of reducing Russia’s involvement in these areas to zero.

The story with the total cut of Ukrainian energy supplies to Donetsk, however, did not interest the EU countries’ media in the least. What kept them busy was the recent scandal with Siemens (a German company producing energy equipment) infuriated as they were with Russia’s “abuse” of its confidence. Siemens even offered to “buy back” from Russia the gas turbines produced with the use of Siemens’ technologies on Russian territory and brought for installation in Crimea.

From the modern German point of view, what an awful perspective, no wonder the German press is up in arms! These turbines may help to provide warmth and light to 2 million of Crimeans, so that they don’t share the gloomy fate of the people of Donbass. “Schrecklich”, as Mr. Hitler would have said in his days in the 1940s, when the inhabitants of Donbass were guaranteed security by the Germans only as “forced workers” (Zwangsarbeiter) on the territory of the Reich – in special clothes, that used to be called slaves’ attire in less politically correct Roman and medieval times.

Indeed, Siemens’ turbines in Crimea – this is a total breach of the great world order which the EU and the US have been building during all of those years since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. With its humanistic bombing, aka“democratizations” of Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya and Syria, that left millions of non-democrats dead or starving, not to speak about such “luxuries” as light and warmth, what sort of record does NATO have? Clearly it is a negative one to put it mildly.

So, no wonder the German authorities issued a tough statement about Russia’s “breach of confidence,” generously allowing the insulted and sobbing Siemens to go off the hook without fines – for now. There was, of course, no German protest against Ukraine’s cutting electric supplies to its own citizens or to Crimea.

Somehow, Mrs. Merkel and other humanists from the EU are NEVER concerned  by the continued water and food blockade of Donetsk and Lugansk from the Ukrainian side, which has been continuous since 2014. Almost no one in the Western press was concerned when the so called “Ukrainian nationalist activists” a few months ago plunged Crimea into darkness by blowing up the energy lines near the Crimean border. These lines for decades have been allowing Ukraine’s electricity (Soviet and non-Soviet) to flow to Crimea. Putin’s horrible Russia signed a contract on energy supplies to Crimea with Poroshenko’s government in 2014-2015, but Poroshenko still allowed the electric lines to be blown up.

No one in the Western publications was then concerned about young women in Crimea (including those sweethearts of Western propaganda, the “Russian-oppressed” Crimean Tatars) giving births in maternity wards in complete darkness and without minimal medical aid. No one in Germany, supposedly full of regret about the World War II, asked questions about the transportation in Crimea, which came to its first full stop since 1943 because of the German-supported Ukrainian and Tatar nationalists.

Somehow, Hitler’s ideas are very much alive in today’s Europe. The Fuhrer dreamed of that “new consciousness” under which only the “right” suffering will be pitied and alleviated – that is, the suffering of Nazi Germans and their allies among Ukrainian and Tatar (or Latvian, or Croat) anti-Russian nationalists. The suffering of “Zwangsarbeiter” was of no importance, and the suffering of “Partisanen” (whose successors are now defending the Donetsk  People’s Republic) under Hitler was supposed to be made as great as possible – with electricity and water cuts for “hostile territories” celebrated.

Now show me ONE difference between the attitudes to Donbass and Crimea from the German press of 1941-1945 and of 2014-2017.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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September 2, 2017

wherever there’s a few shekels to be made, or the pretense of solidarity with the united snakes, Britain will always be there, regardless of right or wrong.

September 2, 2017

and Geoffrey R Pyatt helped organise it, along with Insane McCain and Nudellmann.

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