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UK Parliament – The Constitutional Implications of Covid 19

Submission to the UK Parliament Coronavirus Enquiry Committee    


The Constitutional Implications of Covid 19  

As the editor of with twenty years experience of news, political & media analysis.

My conclusions on the Coronavirus Pandemic are that;

It was created intentionally in a laboratory as a bio weapon by Globalists.

The Scientific & Academic advisors who led the Governments response corrupted Data in every way possible.

That the people who created the Corona Virus were disappointed that it didn’t cause more mass casualties world wide.

That although Coronvirus was confirmed as a pandemic it failed to rise above normal annual Flu levels.

That many segments of Government, Local Government & The Western Media used the Coronavirus to expand their own Agendas.

Although many illegal & Treasonable actions occurred regarding; data & lockdown, apparently our Civil Servants are above the Law.

In the USA Covid was used as a tool to destabilise the country, to bring down US President Donald Trump & introduce a Socialist Global Control Grid.

In the UK Covid was used as a tool to destroy the Brexit Government of Boris Johnson & introduce a Socialist Control Grid run by over a hundred UK Sanctuary Cities, ( where the Local Government City & Council Civil Servants appeared to be driven by external forces.

External forces analysis would require a forensic financial analysis of the annual accounts & connections between Civil Servants & the Local Sanctuary City.

It is likely that, as the Sanctuary City organisation has taken over many Cities in all Western Countries that it is Globally financed by; Soros organisations, United Nations, EU, the (DNC) Democratic Party of the USA & ultimately China.

It is also alleged that Sanctuary City organisations are covert slush funds for bribery, fraud & the financing of mass demonstrations & groups like BLM, AntiFa, Isis, migrant trafficking etc.

With Covid 19, The UK Government was caught in a planned pincer movement;

  • By the UK Civil Service who provided false data by Neil Ferguson of Imperial College, forced Boris Johnson into Locking Down the whole of the UK.
  • By the London Media who used psychological warfare on the domestic population to create fear & manipulate public opinion,
  • And the Local Government Civil Servants & Labour Party Unions who took control of the policing & control of the local populations.

It may be worth noting that under pressure from the London Media & Civil Servants both Boris Johnson & Dominic Cummings were given Covid tests which made them ill.

It was at this time that the US health organisation CDC were found to be issuing CV contaminated swabs.

Public Health England has shown itself to be a Treasonous organisation with its continued sabotage of the NHS which was under 50% of capacity. The forced transfer of old people into high Covid privatised retirement homes was genocidal.

The Civil Service & other public servants are still ruled by the EU.

Other Coronavirus considerations are;

The intentional shut down & destruction the UK Economy.

The Vaccine Agenda: Test & Trace, contaminated swabs, compulsory vaccination, Brain Damage.

The Lockdown Agenda. Local Government creates & takes control of insane laws & the police.

The Global Control Agenda.

The link between 5G Radiation & Coronavirus which have the same symptoms.

The next Globalist Fake Media attack on the Western Societies is alleged to be an Alien Attack.


The Constitutional Implications of Covid 19

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August 13, 2020

Excellent article. That fits in with what so many people are saying. It is a conspiracy, no ‘theory’ about it.

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