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Maria Zakharova vows ‘retaliation’ for Twitter’s attack on RT & Sputnik

Maria Zakharova vows ‘retaliation’ for Twitter’s attack on RT & Sputnik

(RT) –┬áThe move by social media company Twitter to ban two Russian news outlets from placing advertisements on the site is a “blatant violation” of international norms, a Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said, adding that retaliation measures are unavoidable.

We consider this a yet another aggressive step aiming to block the activity of Russian channel RT,

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said in a statement to the channel. She added that the ministry considers the move a “result of pressure from some of the US establishment and security services.”

Retaliatory measures will naturally follow,”

the official added.

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Zakharova said the step was an “unprecedented attack” which prevents the Russian media from doing their job. She added the step was a “blatant violation” of both international norms and US laws providing freedom of speech.

The fact that privately-owned corporations are now involved demonstrates that “US power brokers” are after the media, the spokeswoman said.

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