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Twelve Questions For Donald Trump (Part 2)

1) There are too many such cases to enumerate here, but on August 11, 2014, a young white man named Dillon Taylor was shot in the back by a police officer after ignoring a warning to stop. He was wearing headphones at the time. The district attorney ruled the murder justified. Last year, a Salt Lake City judge dismissed a lawsuit by the victim’s family.

2) On September 26, 2016, the unarmed black motorist Terence Crutcher was shot dead by Betty Shelby. Then candidate Trump said video of the murder was disturbing and indicated that under his Presidency incidents like this would not happen. Shelby was charged only with manslaughter, and after her acquittal was rewarded with a new job teaching police officers how to handle the aftermath of police shootings, if you can believe that.

3) Again, there have been many such incidents, including of visibly pregnant women being assaulted by uniformed thugs.

4) Police officers in many states routinely seize at times quite large sums of money from motorists and others for no legitimate reason. If the victim wants to get his money back, he then has to sue in civil court. Perhaps the worst such case was that of Rebecca Brown from whom the DEA seized a staggering eighty-two thousand dollars, money she was taking to the bank for her elderly father.

5) The InstituteForJustice has uploaded a whole series of videos to YouTube on this subject. Some of the imaginary crimes concerned include stacking wood in the backyard and “having cracks and crumbles” in a house driveway.

6) Any business that handles large amounts of cash can be faced with this problem.

7) Hillary Clinton found a way to transfer top secret information from SCIFs and Government intranets onto the regular Internet.

8) This happens not simply to us little people but even to the President, as the world now knows.

9) The homelessness situation in especially San Francisco has become so grave that it is now a serious public health risk, and has seen the return of Mediaeval diseases.

10) Even without the ludicrous #MeToo Movement, women of a certain type have become incentivised to make false allegations of anything up to aggravated rape against not only celebrities but any man in the public eye, including Donald Trump. Because the vast majority of such allegations are historical in nature they are mostly impossible to disprove, but even when they are, such liars are never held to account.

11) Andy Ngo for one, or anyone wearing a MAGA hat.

12) The Federal Reserve is part of a private banking cartel that creates money out of thin air then lends it at interest. This is largely where not just the American national debt but the debt of all nations comes from.

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