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Twelve Questions For Donald Trump (Part 1)

Hello Mr President,

You have claimed consistently and still do claim that America is the greatest country in the world. Patriotism is a noble thing, but it should not blind us to the inadequacies and shortcomings of our nation, whatever that nation is.

1) How would you like to live in a nation in which there is no rule of law, where innocent citizens can be murdered by the police with total impunity?

2) In which a police officer can kill an innocent man, shooting him in the back, and be rewarded for it?

3) In which women, even on occasion visibly pregnant women, are assaulted with impunity by uniformed thugs?

4) In which police officers routinely seize money from innocent citizens?

5) In which local authorities punish citizens financially for imaginary crimes?

6) In which small business owners are persecuted for imaginary crimes, then are bullied and threatened with Draconian sanctions unless they plead guilty to them?

7) How would you like to live in a nation in which the high and mighty are above the law when they endanger national security, and are not held to account?

8) In which government agents and the secret police spy on your every move, every word, every telephone conversation?

9) How would you like to live in a nation where nothing is done to tackle homelessness, where people living on the street are a public health risk to themselves and others by spreading communicable diseases?

10) How would you like to live in a nation in which corrupt lawyers are aided and abetted by an equally corrupt media to accuse celebrities and others in the public eye of imaginary crimes, and are never held to account for it?

11) How would you like to live in a nation in which ordinary people are seriously assaulted purely on account of their political affiliations without their assailants being held properly to account?

12) How would you like to live in a country which does not control its own currency, in which the right to print its own money has been usurped by a banking cartel that does so for private profit instead of public good?

Here’s the bad news, Mr President, you do live in such a country, a country you claim is the greatest in the world. Clearly such a country needs régime change. You promised that when you were elected. You’ve been doing good work, but you still have a long, long way to go.

Answers to the above questions in Part 2.

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