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Turkish President Erdogan’s bodyguards beat up US protesters on US soil

While Turkish President Erdogan’s recent visit to the United States resulted in a less than exciting press conference with Donald Trump, the action on the streets of Washington was anything but boring.

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Erdogan was greeted by pro-Kurdish and other anti-Erdogan demonstrators in the land of the First Amendment. While of course the First Amendment is under assault from dogmatic ultra-liberals in the land of its birth, free speech in Turkey has all but died under Erdgoan. Even the popular on-line encyclopedia Wikipedia has been censored by his regime.

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But rather than ignore the protesters and move on as most responsible parties would have done, Erdogan’s security team physically assaulted the protesters. Some appeared to be in severe pain as a result.

This is not the first time Erdogan’s bodyguards have taken local law enforcement into their own hands. Previous visits to the United States and other countries by Erdogan have resulted in the similar treatment of protesters. Erdogan’s guards once even fought with UN security officials.

The story has been largely ignored by the US mainstream media, but imagine if for example Vladimir Putin’s private security guards beat up US protesters? It would be front page news in the Washington Post and New York Times, CNN would be running the story non-stop.

Some would doubtlessly be calling for military retribution.

As it is, the US authorities will likely do nothing due to diplomatic immunity laws. I doubt those laws would be interpreted so strongly if Russia was involved.

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