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Turkey’s Erdogan urges world leaders over Palestine at emergency OIC meeting

Erodgan urges the world to reject Donald Trump’s decision and recognise East Jerusalem/East Al-Quds as the capital of Palestine.

Turkey’s President Erdogan has welcomed Presidents, Kings, Prime Minsiters, Foreign Ministers and envoys from across the Islamic world to Istanbul. As this year’s chairman of the Organisation for Islamic Cooperation, Recep Tayyip Erdogan has called an emergency summit to address Donald Trump’s unilateral recognition of Jerusalem/Al-Quds as the Israeli capital.

Erdogan opened the conference slamming the “illegitimate” US move and called for the world to recognise East Jerusalem/East Al-Quds as the “occupied capital of the State of Palestine”.

The Turkey’s President then offered his “condolences to the families of the martyrs who died defending Palestine”, before showing maps showing historic areas of Palestine that are now illegally occupied by Israel.

He then reiterated his statement from earlier this week, that Israel is a killer of children and a terrorist state. Erdogan also criticised Israel’s covert nuclear weapons programme.

Erdogan then reaffirmed that “Al-Quds is a red line” that must always been defended against “racist campaigns” by Israel.

After Erdogan, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas addressed the conference affirming that Palestine will no longer accept any US role in the peace process. Describing Trump’s declaration as a “crime” and supreme violation of international law, Abbas stated that the US can no longer pretend to be a neutral negotiating partner.

Abbas also affirmed that Palestine must never be a divided state between Gaza and the West Bank. Only a united state will be viewed as acceptable.

Abbas then thanked the unity between Muslims and Christians over support for Palestine at a difficult period in time before warning that more troubles could lie ahead for Palestine unless a united front is presented by international partners.

Jordan’s King Abdullah II also spoke, arguing for a restoration of internationally agreed protocols regarding Al-Quds.

Iran’s President Rouhani and Lebanon’s President Aoun will also address the summit.

The conference continues.

Now watch the full speeches by the Turkish and Palestinian Presidents. 

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