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Rouhani: Iran willing to cooperate with ALL Muslim nations WITHOUT preconditions on Palestine

Iran appears to have extended an olive branch to Saudi Arabia and its allies over the issue of Palestine.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has addressed the emergency meeting of the Organisation for Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in Istanbul where he slammed Washington’s “illegal move” in unilaterally recognising Jerusalem/Al-Quds as the Israeli capital. He then stated,

“The new Intifada  in the past days against the United States and the Zionist usurpers indicates that the Palestinians do not rely on futile plans but will insist on their righteous demands”.

He called on all Muslim nations to oppose the United States through special summits of ministers and leaders of the OIC.

President Rouhani then blamed  unnamed actors in the region for emboldening Trump to make the move, the clear implication being that in developing unofficial yet widely known ties with Tel Aviv, Saudi Arabia and its GCC allies have made Trump’s move possible.

However, Rouhani then appeared to present countries like Saudi Arabia an olive branch saying, “Iran is willing to cooperate with ALL MUSLIM COUNTRIES over defending Al-Quds without any precondition”.

He stated that it is the job of Muslim countries to defend the indegenous Muslims, Christians and Jews of Palestine from the “war mongering regime with nuclear weapons”. He continued, saying that Zionism is the biggest threat to Jews because “Zionists are strangers in the land of historic Muslim, Christian and Jewish communities”.

Turning back to the US, Rouhani stated


“The United States has never been a just mediator and will never be a just mediator”

In taking collective action, the Iranian President stressed the importance of the following:

–Support the intentional condemnation of the illegal US move

–“The unity of the world of Islam is a necessity in the face of the Zionist regime. There should be no disunity over the issue of defending Al-Quds”.

–“All our problems can be solved through negotiations”.

–Islamic countries must announce principled policies and emphasise this when speaking to US partners like European countries

–The issue of Palestine must be given top priority now that ISIS defeated in Iraq and Syria

–We (OIC countries) should be on guard against Zionist nuclear threat

–The UN General Assembly can play a critical role at this critical juncture in opposing the US administrations decision

–OIC must take decisive political actions against regime

Iran had previously set conditions for a would be rapprochement with Saudi Arabia in an attempt to form a united front over Palestine. The terms as stated days ago were for Saudi Arabia to cease its violence against Yemen and sever all unofficial ties with Israel.

Today it would seem that Iran is dropping its demands over Yemen, in an attempt to create full-scale unity on the issue of Jerusalem/Al-Quds and all of Palestine.

Now watch President Hassan Rouhani’s full speech from Istanbul

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