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Turkey withdraws from its observation post in Aleppo countryside and begins to dismantle another in Idlib countryside in the north of Syria

Turkey withdraws from its observation post in rural Aleppo and begins to dismantle another in Idlib countryside On Thursday, the Turkish forces completely withdrew from their illegal observation point besieged by the Syrian army, in the “Korani” laboratory, southwest of Aleppo.

A field source told that a number of cranes and mechanisms entered the besieged Turkish point in the “Al-Kurani” factory overlooking the Aleppo-Damascus International Road near the town of Al-Zarba yesterday, in order to dismantle it and withdraw from it. The source added that during the hours of today, Thursday, the process of dismantling the point has already ended, so that all Turkish forces will withdraw from the point permanently.

On the other hand, local sources reported that similar dismantling operations took place in the Turkish point in the town of “Sorman” southeast of Idlib, which is also besieged by the Syrian army, as several vehicles entered the point to start its evacuation, and the withdrawal is expected to be completed within two days. The next. The Turkish forces withdrew from the observation points that are spreading in the “de-escalation” area, as part of a Turkish plan to withdraw its forces from all the points besieged by the Syrian army after it lost its military importance.

The Turkish forces had previously evacuated a number of points, most notably the “Morek” point north of Hama, “Sheikh Aqil” and “Al-Rashideen” west of Aleppo, and “Maar Hatat” south of Idlib, and moved most of its retreating forces towards the western countryside of Aleppo and southern Idlib.

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Americo Vespucci demands a recall
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