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Donald Trump’s victory speech – a message of peace with a historic significance (VIDEO)

Donald Trump’s victory speech was both conciliatory and quintessentially Trump. He spoke of reconciliation with a Republican party that tried and failed to sabotage his victory and also with a Democratic party that used every dirty trick in the bag. The themes of his short speech were unity, family and hard work. Much of it was taken up by Trump thanking his family and closest supporters.

But the most crucial sentence was this: “We will get along with all the nations willing to get along with us”. I have waited all my life for an American President to utter such words.

For me, the issues of war and peace, literally trump all others. This is in the back of my mind even during  comparatively non-confrontational epochs in international relations. The fact that Obama and Hillary have driven the world to the brink of world war has made such concerns even more pressing.

The greatest moment in modern history was the victory over fascism in 1945. Although this victory was primarily built on the sacrifices of Soviet soldiers and civilians, it is well to remember that the western powers of America, Britain, France and a heroic resistance throughout Europe, also contributed to victory in the Great Patriotic War, the Second World War.

It is my wish that under a Trump Presidency, that spirit of unity and patriotism might be rekindled. It is one of the great tragedies of history that the allies that claimed victory in 1945 became bitterly hostile shortly thereafter.

The fact that Trump has said he welcomes good relations with Russia is so very important. It was one of the first things that made me realise that Donald Trump was a unique man in the field of American politics. He is not only a unique man but has turned out to be the right man, at the right time and now also in the right place.

The horrors of fascism must be fought in all their forms, wherever they might arise. This is true of the naked fascism in Kiev and it is true of the cult of Wahhabism which threatens the safety of the world, the dignity and freedom of the Arab world and the honour of modern nations. If Donald Trump follows through on his pledge to work with Russia in fighting Islamic terrorism, he will show that he is more than just a President, he will be a leader.

Vladimir Putin has shown himself to be a true leader, a man of courage, intelligence, dignity and patriotism. I hope that now he has a partner in Donald Trump that can resurrect the spirit of the 1940s when Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt sat side by side in a mission to free the world from the grip of evil. The world needs such a spirit more than at any time since the 1940s.

Whilst I support most of Donald Trump’s policies, what attracts me most is that at long last, America has voted for the peace candidate. I went to sleep in a world where  two great military and geo-political superpowers, Russia and America, might go to war. I woke up to a world where the light of peace is beginning to shine through the darkness. The sacrifices of the 1940s no longer appear to have been in vain.

The world may yet enjoy the safety and freedom that the heroes of the 1940s fought and died to win.



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