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Trump’s most bizarre Tweet ever asks why Kim Jong-un doesn’t want to be his friend

Is Trump offering an insult or an olive branch?

Donald Trump’s very personal war of words with Kim Jong-un continues to grow more surreal. From Donald Trump referring to Kim as “rocket man” at the UN to Kim calling Trump a dotard (stupid old man) whose tongue must be “tamed with fire” to Trump promising to “destroy” North Korea with “fire and fury”, back to Kim calling Trump a “nuclear war maniac” whose doctors had diagnosed as incurably mentally ill, the very public exchanges have at times seemed more like two rappers writing “diss tracks” about one another than leaders engaged in a nuclear dispute.

Now though, things have gone from insulting to strange. Donald Trump has Tweeted and posted the following statement on Facebook:

“Why would Kim Jong-un insult me by calling me ‘old’, when I would NEVER call him ‘short and far’? Oh well, I try so hard to be his friend-and maybe someday that will happen!”

The apparent cognitive dissonance of Trump more or less calling Kim “short and fat” while questioning why the two aren’t friends, is not the first time Trump has stated his wishes to be on good terms with the leader called The Great Marshall in North Korea.

In May of 2017, Trump stated that he would be “honoured” to meet with Kim, under the right circumstances.

BREAKING: Trump says he’d be ‘honoured’ to meet North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un

Even so, Trump’s latest Tweet which appears outrageous at face value, has left many observers scratching their heads.  Is the Tweet something of a Trump style olive branch in the name of dialogue between the US and North Korea, something that both Russia and China have suggested as the only way to ease tensions? Or is the Tweet just another insult, however strange?

Perhaps though, the controversial Tweet was sent in order to distract readers from more angry but also more serious Tweets slamming those who obstruct good relations between the US and Russia as well as the failure of Obama and Hillary Clinton to live up to their own attempts at having better relations with Russia.

Trump is currently in Manila for talks with President Rodrigo Duterte. North Korea is a subject that Duterte has spoken about in the past and it is thought that both men will discuss the issue in their first formal face to face meting.

DUTERTE: Kim Jong-Un is foolish “son of a bitch”

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