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Trump Unloads On "Very Nasty" Macron, Insists France "Is Not Doing Well Economically At All"

“I think that’s very insulting…”

With his allies up in arms over his latest tariff threats directed at France, President Trump landed in London early Tuesday, accompanied by First Lady Melania Trump, for a two-day summit marking the 70th anniversary of the military alliance’s birth. Trump is notorious for blaming America’s NATO partners for not paying their fair share when it comes to financing the military alliance.

Sitting alongside NATO General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg at Winfield House in London, Trump delivered a rambling address that marked the beginning of the summit, bragging about his progress with China, and claiming that the US is doing ‘very well’ when it comes to the still-unsigned ‘Phase One’ trade agreement.

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Yeah, your momma's army boots
Yeah, your momma's army boots
December 4, 2019

I’m saving all of Trump’s one liners, in case I’m ever accosted by a gang of five year olds.

Olivia Kroth
December 4, 2019

President Trump is right in one point: France is really not doing well, as can be seen in the more than one year long protests of the Yellow Vests all over France.

Government Welfare
Government Welfare
Reply to  Olivia Kroth
December 4, 2019

France has as many government bureaucrats as the Saudis do, without the money.

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