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Bull(s) In A China Shop: NATO 70th Anniversary Summit Braces For Trump

Conflicting agendas and personalities go to London: will the allies stick to the script? 

As the president departs Washington Monday to attend events marking the seventieth anniversary of the NATO alliance hosted in London, European allies are said to be “bracing for Trump”. Past NATO venues have seen Trump openly chastise allies related to his familiar theme of the Europeans shouldering more of the defense spending burden, making the Dec.3-4 summit ripe for a “bull in a China shop” moment. 

But the milestone commemorative summit, despite shorter meetings on the schedule interspersed among anniversary-related events, could actually see multiple “bulls” clash and set off fireworks if the hoped-for collective cool is not kept, also given the presence of Turkey’s Erdogan — who has lately sought to essentially blackmail the EU and NATO if he doesn’t get his way in northern Syria — as well as tensions related to France’s Macron asserting NATO’s “brain death” in controversial statements

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John Ellis
John Ellis
December 3, 2019

IN THE BEGINNING — there was full and perfect peace, as everyone was most grateful for life realizing that life was a gift that they did not deserve. Which gave them a conviction that they owned nothing and that everything they had belonged to those who had less. Which gave them a desire to have wealth equality and to do all they could do for those who have less. For in our class-based society: The ruling class has the genus intelligence needed to regulate government and organize society toward the good. The middle-class has the fast intelligence needed to be… Read more »

Olivia Kroth
December 4, 2019

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