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Trump summons all 100 Senators to White House for North Korea briefing

In an unusual move by US Presidential standards, Donald Trump has decided to summon all 100 US Senators for a White House briefing on the situation in North Korea. The meeting is to take place on Wednesday. In addition to Trump, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Defence Secretary James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis will also be present.

While the move is legally unrelated to asking both Houses of Congress to declare a war (something Trump has not yet done), the gesture does imply a further march to confrontation with North Korea.

The move comes shortly after Trump held a tense phone conversation with Chinese President Xi on the matter.

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As with many things involving Trump, it is difficult to tell whether this move is yet another ‘Apprentice style’ made for TV moment that is more about the hype than about actual preparations for the US to begin military engagement with a nuclear power.

When Senator Rand Paul emerges from the meeting, his assessment will be crucial as Paul remains the most consistently anti-war/anti-interventionist Sensors in America.

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