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An Israeli terrorist’s crimes are overshadowed by US persecution of Julian Assange

An  Israeli-US dual citizen who can only be described as a terrorist, yet due to legal technicalities cannot be named, is currently before a criminal court in Israel after Tel Aviv declined a US request for extradition. It is rare for a staunch US ally to decline an extradition request. After all, Sweden and the UK have been desperately trying to hand Assange over to America. Only Ecuador stands in the way.

The suspect stands accused of the following

–Making bomb threats against several packed passenger jets

–Threatening to blackmail a US State Senator

–The theft of sensitive data

–Conspiracy to profit from the sale of said data

–Drug dealing

–Counterfeit computer software dealing

–Conspiracy to commit visa fraud

–Possession of child pornography

–Possession of instructions on bomb making

–The making of  2,000 bomb treats to both public and private institutions, including many Jewish institutions

Many at the time felt that a group of radical Islamist or hardened neo-Nazis were behind theses crimes and threats.

The reality was a literal false flag by a young male in Israel whose motives are still not entirely known, but are no doubt devious.

The sparse media coverage of this individual’s terrorist activities remains shockingly low, even among alternative media outlets.

By contrast, Julian Assange is almost always in the headlines and when it comes to mainstream media, it is he who is portrayed as a villain.

Assange’s single ‘crime’ is helping whistle-blowers to tell the truth. Assange is a publisher of facts, the knowledge of which are crucial to the public good.

America now seems more desperate than ever to put Assange behind bars or worse, execute him. Simultaneous to this, the Israeli terrorist is hardly talked about.

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The double-standards are shocking.

It is as though the western elites are more afraid of materially probative truths than they are of lies which put real lives in real danger.

This hypocrisy is worse than a crime…it is a blunder.

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