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Trump says Kim Jong-Un is starting to respect the US–North Korea announces building of new rockets

The North Korean issue has seemingly returned to that of a semi-permanent stalemate.

On the 22nd of August, speaking at a political rally in the US sate of Arizona, Donald Trump said the following of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un,

“I respect the fact that he is starting to respect us. And maybe – probably not, but maybe – something positive can come about”.

Hours later, Kim Jong-Un announced that North Korea is set to expand production of rocket engines and warhead tips.

The statement from North Korea is as follows:

“Kim Jong Un, chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea, chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK and supreme commander of the Korean People’s Army, gave field guidance to the Chemical Material Institute of the Academy of Defense Science.

Shaking hands of officials who came out to greet him, respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un said that he came to learn about the situation of the institute and help its work. He noted that in recent years the institute has a lot of jobs in a patriotic drive for breaking through the cutting edge, whether they are known or not, true to the Workers’ Party of Korea’s policy of attaching importance to the defense science and technology and policy of the munitions industry.

After looking round the newly-built room for the education in the revolutionary history and exhibition hall of scientific and technological achievements, he learned about the processes for manufacturing ICBM warhead tip and solid-fuel rocket engine.

Acquainting himself with the processes for preform weaving by carbon fiber, chemical deposition, high pressure liquid deposition and final treatment, he learned about in detail the density of preform, deposition temperature, vacuum degree and deposition time in the chemical deposition process, deposition temperature, pressure, working medium and deposition frequency in the high pressure liquid deposition process and technological specifications in the final treatment process.

He then made a field survey of the process for manufacturing solid-fuel rocket engine and specified tasks and ways for normalizing the production at a higher level.

He set forth important tasks facing the institute.

He instructed the institute to produce more solid-fuel rocket engines and rocket warhead tips by further expanding engine production process and the production capacity of rocket warhead tips and engine jets by carbon/carbon compound material.

Highly appreciating that it is the pride of our Party to have such unassuming heroes, unit of patriotic scientists as the officials of this institute who have devoted themselves to carrying out the Party’s policy of defense science, keeping in mind the pure single mind of loyalty to the Party, whether they are appreciated or not, and gave special thanks and special bonus to them in the name of the Party Central Committee.

He had a photo session with the scientists, technicians and workers of the Chemical Material Institute of the Academy of Defense Science.

Accompanying him were Jo Yong Won and Kim Jong Sik, vice department directors of the C.C., the Workers’ Party of Korea”

This development confirms that the US can do little in respect of influencing events in North Korea. North Korea’s international position remains stable in the sense that the situation is deadlocked between the United States which thus far has refused to accept the joint Chinese and Russian request for direct talks with North Korea’s government and the fact that China has implied it shall prevent the US from acting aggressively against Pyongyang.

Until Washington and Pyongyang agree to direct talks, this stalemate will likely continue, working as it does in Pyongyang’s favour as it accomplishes the goal of avoided a war in the Korean peninsula.

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This comes as South Korean President Moon Jae-in has stated,

“Efforts for denuclearizing North Korea and efforts for improving the South-North Korea relationship are not a matter of choosing one over the other. They should rather be pursued in a way that they make up for each other”.

Moon’s words affirm that South Korea is as disinterested in war as are China and Russia.

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August 23, 2017

Is it really so difficult to have talks? Claiming this would be ‘rewarding’ the North is a childish sort of reasoning. Talking doesn’t mean agreeing to anything.

Reply to  stevek9
August 24, 2017

It is “american” hubris.
It is a privilege for the rest of the world to merely know of the existence of such a “great” nation, and meeting the US resident is equal to meeting God Washington in heaven.

August 23, 2017

Kim does not like the US motto of “Dont do as we do,Do as we tell you” and he knows very well that if he has Nukes,the US wont touch NK. Keep it up Kim and stay free..

Marc Leif
Marc Leif
August 24, 2017

The American policy of intimidating the Koreans and Chinese by having the USS McCain and USS Fitzgerald rammed by tankers, drowning 22 sailors, has obviously been successful.
Just as the idiot dauphin’s newly announced policy of repeating the US winning strategy in Vietnam in Afghanistan will work.

Abi Shah
Abi Shah
August 24, 2017

The foreign policy of the regime of the jew united states is simple and i quote “we are here to prevent any other sovereign nation to acquire and or expand its nuclear programmes and we will stop at nothing to prevent this by whatever means necessary” end quote”Israeli mossad will try to assassinate their scientists as they did with the Iranian scientists.”Unfortunately North Korea does not have fractions of a jewish community living in their country to cause descent. JEW UNITED states of Israel are slowly but sure coming to terms the fact China and Russia back North Korea’s continuous… Read more »

August 24, 2017

We are fortunate that South Korea now has a clear thinking person.And of course it goes without saying that if NK did not have nuclear capabilities ,the US would probably be in war mode already with them .
I don’t support nuclear weapons , but these weapons from all nations should be decommissioned ,not just NK.That is the way forward that the UN should model ,if it can regain it’s credibility as a true world body .

August 26, 2017

NO-ONE respects America any more so it’s highly unlikely Kim Jong-Un does.

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