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Trump on Syria attack: ‘We had the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake that you have ever seen’

The phrase ‘let them eat cake’ is traditionally ascribed to Queen Marie Antoinette of pre-Revolutionary France. The expression has come to imply a contempt for the poor and the common people who are hungry due to a lack of bread and other essentials.

Now though, the phrase can be ascribed to Donald Trump who was dining with Chinese President Xi Jinping as the decision to attack Syria was made.

During an interview about how Trump broke the news to his Chinese counterpart, he went into more detail about his chocolate cake than he did about his insult to China in bombing a country China supports in the middle of dinner dessert.

Trump said of the infamous cake,

“We had the most  beautiful piece of chocolate cake that you have ever seen and President Xi was enjoying it”.

He then went on to say that the missiles were heading toward Iraq, before the interviewer corrected him and said they were heading toward Syria. I suppose this is a slight improvement over the time when George W. Bush confused Iraq for Iran.

Trump also said that President Xi was ‘ok with it (the attack)’. This is simply not true. China has publicly condemned the attack and joined Russia in opposing the US-UK-French sponsored resolution on the chemical attack in the United Nations Security Council.

The US President also said that all 59 missiles hit. This is not true, only 23 missiles hit.

Donald Trump’s ‘cake gate’ may seem like an innocent gaff, but in reality it is a further display of the contempt he is showing to his anti-war base who helped to get him elected.

Now watch Donald Trump discussing a beautiful piece of chocolate cake that was consumed moments before innocent Syrians were killed on his orders. 

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