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Trump In Mexico! Hillary In Moscow?

In all of her speeches on foreign affairs, Hillary Clinton’s choice country of hatred has been and remains Russia, even though when she previously attempted and failed to become President, she could not even name the then President of Russia.

Donald Trump has become somewhat infamous for his criticisms of Mexico, albeit he has never accused Mexico of interfering in internal American politics, nor has he accused Mexico of a grand international information conspiracy, nor has he accused Mexico of driving the world towards war.

That being said, it would be fair to assume that Hillary’s Russia was Trump’s Mexico. But Donald Trump has proved this statement to be untrue and has done so in an elegant, easily understood fashion.

Speaking beside President Enrique Peña Nieto, Donald Trump stated that the United States and Mexico share similar goals, have a united regional destiny, face the same problems and ought to solve them through cooperation rather than confrontation.

Trump spoke of his positive personal and professional experiences with Mexicans and stressed the fact that the border issues are issues that are wider, more global and more profound than any disputes between the neighbouring states.

Whatever one’s views are on Donald Trump, one ought to concede to him the fact that he arrived in a foreign nation as a dignified guest and spoke with sincerity (so far as one can derive from rhetoric) about the mutual problems and potential mutual benefits both nations have at their door step.

In the wider global context, in must be said that US-Mexico relations are not as serious a flash point of instability as those currently between Russia and America. Yet can one imagine Hillary Clinton flying to Moscow and making a similar speech about the need to understand the differences between the US and Russia whilst simultaneously talking about areas where cooperation and mutual needs are crucial (think defeating ISIS)?  Not all the illegal drugs of central America are strong enough to convince one that such a thing is possible.

In his speech, Trump has shown himself to be a master of diplomacy in a way his domestic rhetorical record obscures, whilst Hillary’s hateful, slanderous and ridiculous rhetoric about Russia is more Dr. Strangelove than it is Mr. Smith Goes To Washington.

Frivolous though the presentation may have been, Donald Trump congratulated the people of Mexico on the 5th of May, one of the most important and joyous national holidays for Mexicans. He did so in a humorous way, by displaying a photograph of himself eating a Mexican style meal. Yet on the 9th of May, the most sacred, sombre and meaningful day to Russian people, did Hillary Clinton say anything at all about the sacrifice of the Soviet Union in destroying Hitler’s fascist empire? No, nothing.

By going with dignity and with respect to a nation that he has been deeply critical of, Donald Trump has shown his ability to act pragmatically in foreign affairs.

By readying for war with Russia, Hillary Clinton has shown herself to be a deeply dangerous individual, one not worthy of having the ability to launch America’s vast and deadly nuclear arsenal.

Finding a perfect candidate for President of America is a bit like looking for a perfect spouse. One’s great grandparents insist such a thing existed, but one has the feeling that it never did and that even so, times have changed and not for the better.

Given this, isn’t Trump the obvious choice for anyone on the side of respect and sanity?

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