Trump fills Alabama stadium…tells crowd that he will make US military great again

US Republican Presidential candidate front runner, and politically incorrect bad ass, Donal Trump packed in the crowds in Alabama last night, where Trump pledged to clean up US foreign policy and make the military so powerful that, “nobody’s going to mess with us.”

I were Japan, I would be very worried with a Trump presidency (see below).

Via Sputnik News Agency…

The stadium can hold 43,000 people, but CNN from aerial coverage estimated the crowd at around 20,000.

“I will rebuild our military, it will be so strong and so great,” Trump told a crowd on Friday at a stadium in Mobile, Alabama.

“It will be so powerful and so great that we will never have to use it, nobody’s going to mess with us.”

Trump Says US Defends Competitors Japan, South Korea, Gets Nothing in Return

Donald Trump criticized the US commitment to defend South Korea and Japan without getting anything in return.

The US is obligated to defend Japan if the country comes under attack, Trump said, but under the terms of the defense treaty Japan doesn’t have to come to the aid of the United States.

“Do you think that is a good deal?” he asked a packed crowd at a stadium with a capacity of 43,000 people.

Trump said that the United States was running up enormous trade deficits with Japan and South Korea while defending them, but getting nothing in return.

Trump continues to strongly lead the Republican field in all national and and major state polls.


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