Trapped in a lie…Twitter makes fun of Oklahoma US Senator Jim Inhofe and his fake Russian invasion photos

Via The Automatic Earth…

Not long after the cease-fire was announced, perhaps even prior to it, US Senator Jim Inhofe released photos, which he claimed prove Russian troops are in Ukraine. These were subsequently found to be fake. Like every other single ‘proof’ has been found wanting.

Think about that for a second, another second: it’s been a year since Maidan, since Yanukovich was chased out, and still not one piece of ‘evidence’ has been made to stick. Not one. While the US have the most advanced spy technology ever seen on the planet, it has not been able to produce one piece of information, for a whole year, to prove its assertions that Russia provides weapons to the ‘rebels’, sends soldiers to fight in the Donbass, or has anything to do with shooting down a plane. Not one single piece of evidence.

And then comes Inhofe. Who’s a bigwig, and whose claims may well sway Senate votes towards sending US arms to Kiev:

Inhofe Releases ‘Exclusive’ Deathly Images To Free Beacon That Are Not

Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) released photographs Thursday of what he says is confirmed Russian military action against Ukraine. He gave them “exclusively” to the Washington Free Beacon. Except there’s just one problem — some of the photographs given to WFB from the 80-year-old senator date back to 2008 from the AP and aren’t exclusive at all.”

The photos are fake. Completely fake. Just like all the other evidence presented over the past year. There is nothing that proves any Russian involvement. And if there were anything, you bet your behind they would trump it all over Fox and CNN until the cows had come home and left again for greener pastures. The US is attempting to start a war out of nothing, and for nothing, just because a group of deluded people think they can, and need to, conquer the largest nation on earth for their own advantage.

Never mind the fact that the tanks are moving through mountainous terrain (Ukraine is flat land), or that Google will let any eight year old kid reverse search an image…the ridiculous, stupid narrative of a Russian invasion continues to play out, via the lies propagated by warmonger US Congressmen.

How dumb do people need to be in order to finally see, that after one year since Obama and Co. over threw a democratically elected government and began a Civil War (all documented fact), Russia has shown incredible restraint so as to NOT invade Ukraine.

And for those Crimea trolls…your argument is weak to the core.

Aside from the fact that Crimea was home to Russia’s most important naval base and allowed, under treaty, up to 25,000 Russian troops to operate in the peninsula…when was the last time in the past 1,000 years that a country invaded and occupied a territory and to date has seen ZERO casualties.

I repeat ZERO casualties, from an “invasion and occupation.” You would think that at least someone would have keeled over from shock, or a sudden heart attack.

Maybe…just maybe, the people of Crimea have agency and free will. Maybe they got so so freaked out by the coup and the new neo-nazi forces placed into power (who, by the way, immediately passed a law to abolish the Russian language), that they rightly sought safe haven in Russia.

To put it simply, after the coup, the people of Crimea “saw the writing on the wall” and decided to get out of the insane asylum that would become the neo-nazi, US puppet state of Ukraine. It was the right choice.


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February 16, 2015

RT @redpilltimes: Trapped in a lie…Twitter makes fun of Oklahoma US Senator Jim Inhofe and his fake #Russian invasion photos…

February 16, 2015

RT @redpilltimes: Trapped in a lie…Twitter makes fun of Oklahoma US Senator Jim Inhofe and his fake #Russian invasion photos…

February 16, 2015

Trapped in a lie…Twitter makes #fun of #Oklahoma #US #Senator Jim… #timeline #notizie #news

February 16, 2015

#Trapped in a lie…Twitter makes fun of Oklahoma US Senator Jim… #timeline #notizie #news

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