Top 5 universities for foreigners in Moscow

We have collected the best institutions of higher education in Moscow that offer programs for international students.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

1. Lomonosov Moscow State University Business School

Lomonosov MSUBS is one of the oldest business schools in Russia, founded in 1989 in Moscow State University. Lomonosov MSUBS’s vision is to be an acknowledged leader in the field of business training, providing international education in Russia and responding to the challenges of the modern business environment.

MSUBS offers a full range of educational programs: Bachelor of Management, Master of Science in International Business, Master of Science in IT Management, MBA, and Executive MBA. All the educational programs are designed to meet the sophisticated needs of modern Russian and foreign students. MSU BS enrolls about 500 students and welcomes about 40 exchange students annually.

As a department of Lomonosov Moscow State University, MSUBS integrates the academic traditions of MSU with innovative techniques for teaching business and management. The MSU BS faculty of over 110 members is composed of core, adjunct, and visiting Russian and international scholars. The full-time core faculty is organized into three departments: Management, Economics and English.


2. Higher School of Economics

ICEF provides students with the special opportunity to study for two degrees – one Russian and one British, from the HSE and from the University of London. Graduates of this programme have a unique advantage in continuing their studies or in beginning their career anywhere in the world.

The programme is implemented with the academic support of the London School of Economics and Political Science, combining top Russian and British standards of higher education in economics and finance. Every year, students sit the independent examinations of the UoL International Programmes and the internal examinations of HSE.

Subjects are taught in English; some of the subjects required for the Russian degree are taught in Russian.


3. British Higher School of Art and Design

BHSAD is the only school in Russia offering a unique opportunity to obtain a British degree in Art & Design, while studying in Moscow.

All programmes share a strong culture of experimentation, innovation and debate within different approaches and curricula. Their shared aim is to provide a dynamic and vibrant environment that encourages creativity and originality, diversity in thinking, opinions and ideologies.

All British educational degrees at BHSAD are fully validated by University of Hertfordshire.

Specially for you, I went to BHSAD and asked a friend of mine who is a student there – Maria – to show me around…


4. Moscow University Touro (RussiaFeed’s TOP choice)

MUT is an independent, non-profit institution of post-secondary and professional education, licensed by the State Department of Education of Moscow, which offers American degree programs. The American accredited university operates in close cooperation and under the supervision of Touro College of New York.

MUT was the first to pave the way for students in Russia to have the opportunity of receiving an American higher education degree in Russia and offers a unique educational experience. Since 1991, MUT has established a solid record of accomplishment as a leading University in higher education in Russia.

Today, MUT offers American accredited Bachelor of Science in Business & Management (BSc) Diplomas, Master of Business Administration in International Business & Finance (MBA) Diplomas, as well as English as a Second Language Program (ESL). The programs follow the standard American Business curriculum. All instruction at MUT is in English.

I can proudly say that I graduated from MUT myself. In fact, I made a little live video to give you an idea of what MUT is really like…


5. Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences

MSSES is an accredited, global, educational institution. Since 1995, MSSES has worked actively to provide various programs of higher education – namely master’s degrees – and professional training. The main aim of the Moscow School’s founders was to create a university in Russia that could compete with the best universities in the world. Six years before the signing of the Bologna Declaration, the Moscow School had already adopted the “Bologna structure”.

In order to ensure excellence, the Moscow School has selected the best Russian scholars and trained them in leading Western universities. It has also created an academic library that to this day remains unique in terms of maintaining Western library standards in a Russian university. Furthermore, the Moscow School has created curricula and programs that have since been accredited by either British universities or the Russian Department of Education.

Working in harmony with both the Russian and British education systems, the Moscow School offers programs in professional retraining and implements the most effective methods of teaching and self-training.



The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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