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Thuringia Foretells the Fracturing of Germany

It’s hard to overstate the importance of the election results last weekend in Thuringia.  The complete collapse of the two centrist parties there, Angela Merkel’s CDU and the Social Democrats (SPD), is looking like a harbinger of what comes next in German politics.

A majority in Thuringia, ruled by the CDU since the early 1990’s until 2014 when Die Linke took over with the Social Democrats and the Greens, just voted against the centrist, Merkelist, grand coalition of standing for nothing but globalism and tighter EU integration.

Die Linke and Alternative for Germany (AfD) secured more than 54% of the total vote. Die Linke, the remnant of the East German Communist Party, and AfD, the new face of anti-immigration and fiscally responsible Germans, took first and second place ahead of Merkel’s CDU.

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November 6, 2019

Every day, I get up and log on to my computer half expecting the see “BREAKING NEWS-Trump assassinated!!” Every afternoon I walk my daughter home from school, both of us wearing N95 masks, under formerly pristine skys, now crossed with slowly spreading chemtrails. I can no longer grow tomatoes in my garden, because the spring and fall are too cold and too short for them to ripen. I live in a country with a Prime Minister that is proud to be a traitor to my nation. I sit on gold and silver, not because I am hoping to make tons… Read more »

Reply to  oldandjaded
November 9, 2019

There is no hope. Humans will have proved an evolutionary anomaly. Highly intelligent and adaptable, though lacking foresight. The innovative prefrontal cortex still no match for the primitive amygdala when under stress. Sexually unseasonal. Wasteful of resources. When their dust settles, perhaps the next speciation of survivors will prove a better adaptation. I pity your daughter.

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