These three charts, and soup kitchen line, show Portugal’s EU austerity program success

Original post via Zerohedge

Somehow, with over 33% of young people unemployed, Portugal is held up to be a ‘success story’ for Merkel’s Europe’s grand plan. With their stock market tumbling and bond yields (and spreads) soaring…


Perhaps it’s time to realize nothing is fixed at all… as this image exposes all too clearly…

Source: @sturdyAlex
Source: @sturdyAlex

No, this is not a line at an Athens ATM; it is a soup kitchen in Porto, Portugal.


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357 Mag
357 Mag
July 8, 2015

I sense a world revolt coming against the filthy ZioNazi money-changers!!

Off with their heads…

European Council President Donald Tusk suggests that China and Russia are Greece’s enemies

German newspaper editor for Die Zeit calls it…Tsipras won. Even if Greece leaves Eurozone, it stays in EU with ‘access to zillions of money’