European Council President Donald Tusk suggests that China and Russia are Greece’s enemies

In his closing speech to the EU Parliament, obsessed Russophobe, hater of all things Russian, a man that despises Russia with an absolute passion could not resist slipping in a reference in his final minutes to Alexis Tsipras to not go seeking help of any type from BRICS’ nations.

Jump all the way to the end, at 3:25:20 mark:

In Tusk’s racist and warped little mind this means staying away from China and even more so from Russia.

According to Tusk, Tsipras and all of Greece should continue seeking help from their friendly pals in the European Union until their debt to GDP breaks the 200% mark, while avoiding the wicked evil in the East.

Donald Tusks’ point number 4:

“Fourthly, seek help among your friends, and not among your enemies, especially when they are unable to help you”.

Tusk is alluding to Turk Stream/Greek Stream, Tsipras’ numerous trips to Moscow, Chinese investments in the port of Piraeus (and China’s desire for more investments), and recent headlines of Greece’s BRICS bank membership.

So…let’s help Mr. Tusk express his fourth point a little more clearly so all of Greece understands…

‘Don’t look to make any deals (especially with regards to Turk Stream, Chinese shipping ports, or BRICS Bank membership) that may actually deliver some growth and jobs in your country…we in Europe’s north enjoy having dark and tanned southern Mediterranean debt slaves.’

Of course the apple does not fall far from the tree. Here is Donald Tusk pictured alongside his SS Grandfather…



What lies behind the determination of the new head of the European Union, the world has yet to learn. However, the determination of the grandfather of Donald Tusk, Joseph, is known in Europe firsthand. He was an accomplice of Adolf Hitler and served in a reserve SS death squad. This information was leaked to the media during the so-called “war of compromising materials”, which began during the presidential elections in Poland in 2005.

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357 Mag
357 Mag
July 9, 2015

Tsipras, tell the northern EU minions of the Filthy Rothschild money-changers to go fuk them selves as it’s none of their fuk’n business!

July 13, 2015

Ej Tusk, pusi kurac

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