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Theresa May to resign in June. BREXIT sabotage plan goes for FOURTH vote (Video)

The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris discuss report from top Tory backbenchers, that claim UK Prime Minister Theresa May will resign from her post in June, after she give her failed Brexit plan a fourth go at passing Parliament.

Earlier this week failed and discredited UK PM May announced she would bring her hated Brexit withdrawal plans back for a fourth vote in the House of Commons.

May said that she is in talks with Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party to try and convince them to abstain from the planned fourth vote, which would increase the odds of her agreement passing.

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Update: The news has been confirmed in a statement from the 1922 Committee.

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After a day of meetings with Tory backbenchers, Graham Brady, the leader of the influential Tory 1922 Commission, reportedly told a reporter from ITV that May has agreed to resign next month even if her Withdrawal Agreement fails to pass during its fourth go-round in the Commons.

The report has been confirmed by the BBC and the Telegraph, and is being taken seriously by the rest of the British media. Of course, it’s possible that May could deny it but her talks with backbenchers have been widely followed all day and there was some expectation that they would strike some kind of a deal over her resignation.

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May 17, 2019

biased much Alex 😀 Not one to sugar coat the deception. Seriously though this vote will be the cliched swing and a miss on the way down. Sometimes more is achieved from anarchy until time comes to unite the empire once more.

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