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There’s a SWAMP in DC, and there’s a CESSPOOL in Europe (VIDEO)

One month into the Trump era, it’s merely stating the obvious to say that Donald Trump has been a veritable earthquake to the powers-that-be in the USA.

As Trump himself often reminds audiences, he is not alone, but has taken the mantle of leadership of a true conservative movement.

As The Duran’s Peter Lavelle and Alex Christoforou (off camera) discuss in the following video, the political left in its arrogance was totally blind to the fact that the right also had the capacity to organize – that is had agency.

President Trump and his close advisor Steven Bannon are now at the helm of a massive popular movement that the left never anticipated.

The political establishment in America goes beyond the two party system, with neo-liberals and neo-conservatives united on core issues like trade and foreign policy.

And the same elite can be found ensconced in Europe’s halls of power – they are now threatened by a right-wing revolt following in Trump’s wake.

If the establishment elites won’t accept Trump or his revolution, maybe they should just all move to Hollywood and secede from the union – but only if the US practices extreme vetting on anyone who tries to come out.

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