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The SAS Commercial : An Outrageous Definition of Scandinavian Culture

The picture painted by the SAS commercial is obviously not the right way of looking at culture, and this can be shown quite easily by pointing at the contradiction that is inherent in the message itself.

Submitted by Finn Andreen…

Recently, a controversial commercial from SAS, the Scandinavian airline company, was published on social media. It attempts to portray Scandinavian culture as basically non-existing. The message is that because all typical Scandinavian cultural traits and imagery can supposedly be traced to external sources, Scandinavia has “nothing”, as the commercial repeats, in many languages. SAS obviously is trying to be politically correct in these globalist times, in which the Nation is looked down upon. At the same time it wants to encourage Scandinavians to use SAS to fly to faraway lands to bring back more valuable things (such as meatballs?), so these too may in the future be transformed and become part of what represents Scandinavia.

The main point is not that SAS issued this commercial; it could have been issued by any number of public institutions in Scandinavia, not least in Sweden, which is the most extreme of the three Scandinavian countries in terms of its embrace of multiculturalism and the denigration of its own national identity. It is a bit ironic, though, that SAS is being unpolitically correct when trying to get people to fly in this  politically correct way. SAS has suffered from the new phenomenon of “fly shame” that is trending in Scandinavia. The goal of “fly shaming” is to make people feel guilty when travelling by airplane, because of the impact on the individual carbon footprint.

But to go back to main message in the commercial, it should be difficult to imagine, for example such a commercial by Iberia, the main Spanish airline, trying to prove that there is no Spanish culture; that everything Spanish comes from the Romans, the Catholic Church, the Moors, the Visigoths, and a few local ethnic groups. It is fully possible to argue along such lines. After all, what would Spanish culture be today if not for the massive contributions from these sources? But would the Spaniards ever dream of showing their culture in this light? Would the French? The Russians? Or most other cultures? Of course they wouldn’t; because it goes against the basic instinct of being proud of the uniqueness one’s own home to see one’s culture only as copying others.

Why should Scandinavians then see their own culture in the most belittling way possible? Why highlight just the side that diminishes one’s own culture, instead of being proud of it and trying to safeguard it? Culture and tradition is the fundamental glue that binds and unites a society, and makes living together smoother, simpler and more intuitive. This is true regardless of the relative value of each culture in comparisons with others. A society that disregards its culture and lets it be diffused in a morass of multiculturalism, leads to a citizenry that progressively loses its social bearings. It is well known that trust between citizens decreases when societies because more culturally mixed.

It is a truism that cultures are a product of interaction, that cultures develop through exchanges with other surrounding cultures. It is not necessary for SAS to tell us this. But culture obviously cannot be defined as simply the sum of all foreign cultural imports, thereby eliminating any kind of uniqueness. In reality, a culture comes from a people’s shared experiences and characteristics over the long term. In this sense, it should be obvious to anyone who is familiar with Scandinavia, that this region has a strong and particular culture, clearly distinct even from other European cultures.

This particular Scandinavian culture was a key factor behind the great economic and social development of Denmark, Norway and Sweden over the last century. This approach to culture could be emphasized instead, as other cultures naturally do all the time. The self-deprecation of the Scandinavian culture that is being peddled by a small group of trend setters is a political description of culture that SAS and others have been pushing. It is part of the ongoing and repeated globalist attempts to denigrate and destroy the concept of the Nation in every possible way, including culturally.

The picture painted by the SAS commercial is obviously not the right way of looking at culture, and this can be shown quite easily by pointing at the contradiction that is inherent in the message itself. For if Scandinavia has “nothing” and owes everything that it calls its “culture” from outside, then these external inputs must have come from cultures, for how could other societies have given anything to Scandinavia if they also have culturally “nothing” of its own? But if all of these external societies must indeed have cultures, then why does Scandinavia not have a culture? This logical knot arises because it is impossible to define culture in the way that is depicted in the SAS commercial.

This commercial is yet another sign of the social and intellectual collapse of a small group of fashionable elites in Scandinavia, mostly involved in politics, in the public administrations, and in the main stream media. And it is particularly acute in Sweden. When a society disparages and undervalues itself in such a way, it is a sign of a deep social and cultural crisis. In such cases, a period of decadence must be ended by a truly low point, which is then often followed by a cultural and intellectual rebirth. Let us hope that also will be the case for Scandinavia.

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Michael Woodbridge
Michael Woodbridge
February 22, 2020

As the British, Jewish, Prime Minister Disraeli said, “All is Race”. That is the nettle the Left refuse to grasp. Each nation exists by virtue of its bloodline; a bloodline that fuses with that nation’s individual history to become a unique culture. Without race and culture people are denied a feeling of continuity and hope for the future.

Contemporary Anthropologist
Contemporary Anthropologist
February 22, 2020

I think this strange cultural denialism is all lead by the women. Scandinavian women have for many decades been flying south to ‘meet and greet’ Mediterranean dwellers to get a little of the ‘nooky’ that they sorely lack back home. This is just a contemporary manifestation of the habit.

Reply to  Contemporary Anthropologist
February 23, 2020

Ooooooh! Swedish blondes and BBC!….really….rolleyes

February 23, 2020

Sweden is now a lost cause. It does not exist any more. It has been destroyed as part of the Great Replacement, submerged under a carefully crafted tidal wave of rapefugees and gimmegrants, courtesy of people like Soros and Spectre. Sweden is now just one of Trump’s third world s***holes, the rape capital of the world, where an overwhelmed police force no longer even pretends to investigate violent rapes of very young children or tries to keep order in the ever expanding archipelago of no go areas. The same fate is planned for every other country in Europe. They are… Read more »

John Doran
Reply to  paul
February 23, 2020

Paul, My wife & I went to Manchester a few years ago, for an Uncle’s funeral. We got chatting to a young Czech lady, serving at tables because her job had been taken by a computer program. When we said we came from North Kent, just south of London, she said: “London is a foreign country now”. She had asked four people for directions, but none could speak English. She spoke excellent English herself, complaining that she & her Brazilian boyfriend could not earn enough to start a family. The drive toward multiculturalism is part of the drive to destroy… Read more »

Reply to  John Doran
February 24, 2020

Adam Weishaupt, who often went by Sparticus Weishaupt, is commonly credited as the founder of the original Bavarian Illuminati.”Sparticus” was his “illuminati” name, and how Churchill referenced him in his oft-quoted 1920 Illustrated Sunday Herald article

February 23, 2020

You’d have to go back to the Neandertals to find an undiluted “pure culture.”

Reply to  JanetC
February 24, 2020

hahahaha! Very droll Janet, and very apt.

Reply to  oldandjaded
February 24, 2020

There’s a commonly held view in Asian communities that offspring of genetically diverse parentage have inherent advantages over children that are not genetically mixed, as it helps avoid “doubling up” on the genetic mutations present in either race. My daughter is mixed (Nordic/Celtic on my side, Asian on her mothers) She does seem to be inordinately blessed genetically. She is exceedingly bright, totally ambidextrous, double-jointed, is the second tallest kid in her class, and appears to have considerable innate abilities in languages (she is 11, speaks four languages fluently), music, (composes and transcribes her own music, and does it with… Read more »

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