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The Russians didn’t give us President Trump

The American electorate did it, through being wise to the antics of their own news media, something the media establishment still has not accepted

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Since the election of Donald Trump to the presidency in 2016, the collective media establishment and the related ranks of both liberal and establishment politicians have been united in an effort to try to rid themselves of him. For them, his election was an anomaly, a cursed one, that should have never happened. Indeed, the media and establishment politicians and liberals have united against the man under the banner narrative of “Disgusting man”, “pervert”, “idiot”, “crazy”, “mentally unfit”, “unstable”, “loose cannon”, “unqualified”, “unfit for the Office of the President,” and of course, “Brought to you by Russian meddling” and “Putin’s toady.”

This narrative has besieged American population for over 15 months now. It is not working.

One perspective suggests some of the reasons.

Our mass media is invested in socialism, propaganda and a lot of quite frankly, liberal filth. The reason why Mr. Trump’s election was such a shock was largely because many people who voted for him would not talk about it beforehand. Why? Because they would get berated, yelled at, even physically attacked.

The media narrative came on fire about Mr. Trump because he ran as a conservative, and unlike most Republican candidates of recent vintage, the media knew he would actually do what he said. This is the sole reason why the media continues to throw deflectors and distracting false news everywhere it can, to stop this from happening.

But to a great extent the people who supported Mr. Trump simply ignored the rhetoric. In a way the media gave itself away because of the virulence of its attacks. This in a way, confirmed that Trump was the right candidate, because he fearlessly set them on edge, but also skillfully played them into covering him. They were made unable to ignore him, and so awareness and even that great goal of modern media, the “buzz” was Trump’s to control and guide.

Still there have been some hits by the media that have dragged things back a bit.

The most amazing and difficult thing is how successful the disinformation campaign is. In a poll taken recently we saw how the “the Russians” narrative has found its way into the background thought of Americans regarding the election of 2016, even though the claim itself falls apart almost immediately if subjected to simple reasoning and critical thought. Laura Ingraham is a very conservative lady, but even her reporting still accepts as true the premise of “the Russians” as being somehow involved in this.

She is not alone. Almost every pundit in the media, whether liberal or conservative has assented to the “the Russians” motif as though it were at least a little bit real. This is a score for the media establishment, and it is not good, because it interferes with any real work the President can do, including fixing the spiraling relations with Russia.

It would be better to discard the whole zeitgeist of “the Russians” completely, because it is only given reality by attention. The right way to go about criticism of politicians and political decisions would be to address them from a point of view of policy effectiveness.

But that is not where the media live and they believe it is not where the American people live. The media live in sensationalism, emotional heart-tugging and outrage, because it is possible to feel like a person is “doing something” because they feel angry at a news report.

The people who hid their Trump support until the critical day did not act on this. Thank God. And the lesson of addressing policy is one not entirely lost on the American people. Maybe as the improving economy and other aspects of American life begin showing more and more, some more of us might return to our senses and start to address things from the point of view of reasonable thought.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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