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The Privately Owned Central Banks Are Stealing Your Wealth!

The Great Reset

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

Why are the privately owned central banks printing money and giving it to Wall Street and the stock markets across the world?  They are stealing your money and giving it to the markets! This is making the value of your money plummet.  They may tell you that prices are going up but rather they are flooding the economy with cash to devalue your money, wages, savings, and pension.

The central bankers are printing money to make the rich richer, to transfer your wealth to them by pumping free cash into the stock markets to buy up worthless garbage created by corrupt Wall Street. Except that it is not free, it is your wealth being eroded and transferred to buy up the corrupt investments that are worthless.  The central banks need to be closed down they are unaccountable, unelected bodies making decisions that benefit them and their friends.

Peak prosperity looks at the impact of inflation and shortages.

This crisis has been created by the private central bankers, in league with corrupt governments, Fauci, the CCP Wuhan Lab Virus, corrupt Wall Street, corrupt Main Stream Media, all led by the Rothschild Cabal. Why? To drive us into a crisis then force their “Great Reset” and their One World Government (NWO) onto us when we are at our weakest; one global government and one central banking system that will be run by the Rothschild Cabal.

They want us in a fragile mindset so that we will accept this new panopticon without complaint.  The central bankers want to rule everything because they believe they are the true genetic rulers of the world and that we are just the cattle.  They believe that they rightfully own everything and you should own nothing because they believe you are a minion to do with as they please, a slave, a serf.  You will do as you are told or you will receive no resources which they will control.  They also believe that most people will become useless eaters as they push forward their AI and transhumanism plans.  They believe that they won’t need you around, so they are planning on depopulating the world as they have technology and AI take over the jobs you used to do. This is eugenics!

What do we need to do?  Lobby your local government officials.  Demand that the central banks must be closed down and the central bankers held accountable for worldwide theft and their crimes against humanity, by financing wars, creating crisis after crisis, to make governments borrow money to ensure they are beholden to the bankers.  Governments must stop break up big pharma, big tech, mainstream media to stop the Cabal destabilizing countries using groups paid to create divisions through false claims of victimhood and channeling dark money through private foundations to support riots.  All big banks need to be broken up into small local credit unions.   All big tech and mainstream media need to be broken up and held accountable for lies and censorship.  Those people suppressing the information about therapeutics, such as ivermectin, are criminals.  They are pushing the lockdowns to destroy small business and abusing the emergency use to of the Covid vaccine before it is safe to inject you with a very dangerous man made protein spike that causes massive swelling and blood clots.  They all need to be put in jail before they insist on injecting your children.

Central bankers are corrupt, evil, people that want the US destroyed.  Their goal is collectivism without free speech, without civil or human rights.  They have been deliberately deceiving the people in their pursuit of power. Central bankers are driving these crimes against humanity because they believe they are the global elite who rule the world.  Corrupted governments must be taken over by honest citizens, they should to stop the money borrowing and cancel all debts.  This is the great reset that we need.  Central bankers and their corrupt helpers should have their assets frozen, then be charged with crimes against humanity and put in jail.  They got away with it in 2008, we all thought Obama was different that he would sort out corruption, but he was just another member of the Uniparty and a pawn of the New World Order ensuring that citizens lost their homes to the banks, he held none accountable, except the tax payers and the people being evicted from their homes.    Now the Cabal is back to take the rest of your wealth having manufactured the latest crisis.

Interesting article from the Sleuth Journal in 2017 The banking Cabal Is Going to Steal Everything

by Rory Hall


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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June 22, 2021

The inception of the Federal Reserve System cartel was preceded by a long series of artificial “crises”: In 1913, America was ready, fried as a well done steak, for a “solution to put an end to all crises”. That was the Federal Reserve, a private money monopoly that first locked America up  and then the world in a debt prison. The current money system gives the major bankers all the tools they need to grow or shrink the economy. Our economic freedom is limited because the owners of the money system determine how much money and debt is carried… Read more »

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